Decrypto - A wallet without owner


We want to give the opportunity to anyone to get hold of a crypto wallet
El Primero (our first wallet) doesn’t belong to anyone, and no one else besides the owner of Decrypto knows the 12 words.
the Riddles are created by 10 different persons outside the crypto world.
these persons doesn’t know each other.
these Riddles will be posted one by one on this channel every week,
Starting from The first post.
Stay tuned, break the chain, raise your life.


The incomes generated from the participants and the advertising will be converted to TON and sent directly to El Primero. A small percentage will go to the developers


  • Use Decrypto_Bot to send the answer of the riddles,
    The answers will be accepted only the 15 of each month, before and after the 15Th day the Bot will be Offline.
  • Every user identified sending messages in succession or disturb will be banned from the bot.
    Remember: Use a “,” after each words and write it in the right order.

ES: Fruit,Salad,Brain,Who,Will,Become,The,Owner,Of,ElPrimero ?

I suggest you think about it before answering

When Decrypto will find a winner, it will be contacted, his ID will picked up and kept proprely by a lawyer, we will give to the winner the remaining 2 words to enter and grab the TONs
you will become part of a register in which there will be all the winners.

Thats for increase the Hype around FreeTon
If i will be voted, i will send the 80% of the TONs to the Decrypto wallet, ready to be opened.

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