Declaration of decentralisation - first amendment proposal


Replace current DOD language in DISTRIBUTION section:

“Caveat: No US citizens or companies are permitted to sign this Declaration”


“This Declaration can be signed by any person or company.

Free TON is for ALL.”


Sweet! Our very own first amendment :slight_smile:


Finally! Waiting to sign off

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Makes sense. Should have been done by now. All for it.

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We really need it! Fully support such proposal!

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Yep, should be already done by now. Support.

What is it about?! Of course, you need to make such an edit. I support the initiative.

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We need to change it, I fully support it

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Totally support. This is very important.

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Symbolic, but important, 100% support

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In total support. In deed anyone can join us.

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Wow! It’s really reallly really cool :fire: :fire: :fire:
I fully support it! :raised_hands:

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If I understand correctly, initially there were some reasons due to which this amendment appeared in the DoD (on the limitation of the participation of US citizens). What are these reasons? Do you have confirmation that these reasons have now been eliminated so that we can agree that this amendment is no longer relevant?

I may be wrong, but by limiting the participation of US citizens in Free TON, we significantly reduce the attention to us from the SEC, which strives to declare every cryptocurrency a security. Especially if this cryptocurrency can be purchased by US citizens.

By removing that amendment from the DoD, we increase the risks for Free TON from the SEC.

Thank you for asking. Here is the answer Free TON achieves mainnet status after reaching ‘sufficient decentralization’

Then, of course, I join the general opinion that we need to remove those limiting amendments from the DoD. :+1:

I suggest to replace the word company with entity.
There’s no reason to limit it only for companies, non commercial organizations are invited to sign it too:)


Давно пора изменить.

Fellow Free TON members!

I am pleased to inform you that our First Amendment proposal has been effectively adopted by the Free TON Community and is now clearly evidenced here: Free TON

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed!


I support this decision!