Dapp Sub-Governance proposal

Who are we

Dapp Sub-Governance is a group of people who are brought together to improve decentralized
applications on Free TON. Since we started making applications for free TON before the
system. Our task is to solve them in a more decentralized way, through sub-management and
competitions, and share them with the community.

Common Tasks

  • Creation of infrastructure solutions. These are parsing TIP-3 tokens, an application analytics
    module, catalogs, auctions of virtual goods, certification of contracts, simple examples of
    integration with wallets, for example extraTON, etc.
  • All infrastructure projects must be open source and public architecture. This will
    allow new developers to quickly understand the use of the technology.
  • Infrastructure projects should provide developers with either turnkey solutions that
    save time or an audience such as an auction.
  • Support for novice developers.
    • Selection and vesting of the best developments. This will provide motivation.
    • Teaching materials. For a quick dive into the topic.
    • Professional support for new dapp developers

All tasks are aimed at increasing the number of applications on the network, which in turn will
lead to the growth of the network itself.

Goal for year

More than 50 applications on Free TON

What do we need?

Separate control at dapp.gov.freeton.org
Separate domain at store.freeton.org

Why Dapp

  1. At the moment, Dapp is still a promising and growing network. This is confirmed by the
    analyst of the website dappradar.com.

    2020 Dapp Industry Report

  2. People love with their eyes. DeBot does not provide the visual capabilities that sites can do
    at the moment. On the other hand, sites have disadvantages compared to DeBots: the site
    may lose access, wallets in a web browser are unreliable. We believe that the right way is to
    give access to the contract both through the site and through DeBot.

Initial members

Senya @senya_dz
Founder of debiton.org, experience in web application development

Максим @qwertys318
One of the creators of ExtraTON. 12 years in web development and DevOps.

5 years of design. 2 years in web development

Eric @Casino_Crypto
8 years of game development, game designer.

12 years in game development, MegaDropBot, SpikkoBot, BetCrypt365

Daniil @danoneo
Experience in web project development management, 4 years of design. The creator of the multiplayer drawing game Freeton Place (the service is temporarily suspended) and a couple of trading bots.
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Regina @regina_mayorova92
Experience in design - 3 years. PR manager and sales manager - total work experience 4 years.
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Alex R @enbit88
IT-enthusiast, experience in design work, winner of many competitions in various fields, outside FreeTON I combine the positions of the head of my own business, pr-manager and design engineer.
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Governance proposal specification

100,000 :gem: — for contests to improve infrastructure for dapps

50,000 :gem: — DeApps competition launched once a quarter based on the results of the last quarter. We plan to get X results in Y time

10,000 :gem: — for administrative expenses.

160,000 :gem: — total

Thanks to the fully debugged subgovernance and the inherent processes of the origin of creation Dapp, it is possible to develop the Free TON network, and thus encourage developers to join us

Topics of the Contests

1. DApp Initial Selection Contest
This contest is aimed at updating the initial / secondary membership of dapp Sub-governance with a total of up to 9 members from the Free TON community, ready to spend time and effort to make major decisions for the development and growth of the Free TON dapp
Sub-governance. Selected secondary members will also automatically be included in the Free TON dapp Jury and will have to carry the duties of judging in all Free TON dapp Sub-governance contests.

2. DApp Jury Selection Contest
Create a decentralized jury of up to 15 willing participants from the Free TON community who are willing to put in the time and efforts to study, interpret, analyze, vote, and deliver qualified feedback to DApp contest submissions from contest participants.

3. Free TON DApp Radar
Create an interface for tracking DApps in FreeTON network. DApps should be tracked in terms of their active users, token volume and transaction activity to provide insight into the trends in the DApp ecosystem.

4. Parser for TIP-3 wallets.
Create a Parser for TIP-3 wallets. Needed for many applications. For wallets, games, and other applications. The main problem is that there is no single register of TIP-3 tokens. You need an open source tool to easily integrate this into any application, as well as examples of such applications. The necessary functionality, viewing the balance, viewing information about the token - name, picture, etc., notifications of receipt and withdrawal.

5. Sandbox creation for writing, testing and presenting smart contracts.
The foundation of any DApp is a smart contract. To start writing Free TON`s smart contracts, you need to spend a lot of time installing the entire environment for assembling, compiling, debugging, and deploying the SC. To get help with an incomprehensible error in a smart contract, you need to share the source code in a profile chat for further analysis. The sandbox will solve this problem, the page must open in the browser, without SMS and registrations. The Smart contract code is inserted, which is immediately saved on the server and is available for debugging. For convenience, a link to a smart contract is provided that can be opened on any device. This contest contributes to an increase in the number and quality of created smart contracts and their early implementation in new applications.

Multisig wallet



Great proposal! Very promising sub-gov! :+1:


It’s great proposal! I fully support! :+1: :+1: :+1:


Круто. Все просто класс.

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Needed proposal to expand the free TON blockchain ecosystem to different communities.


Dapp for social mining to earn ton for social contents will be crazy if developed soon.

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Если сам дапп будет играбелен (механика + визуал), то обеими руками за. Хотелось бы увидеть хороший ревард за время, если это возможно.

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Поддерживаю предложение

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Good team! Good luck guys, we look forward to the products.

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I am against BetCrypt jurors in this subgovernance because they promote spam on our channels.

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Молодцы ребята,поддерживаю приложение! Удачи!

It is not the only reason. I have heard speeches from team members and once had a conversation, they don’t seem to be friendly (they yell, they get personal, and so on). I don’t think that is a good choice for future healthy collaboration in subgovernance.

А можно более конкретные примеры ? Не совсем понятно кто не дружелюбный из команды.

Большое спасибо ))))))

Примеров нету, сужу по своему по созвонам. Это я о Эрике.

Good direction to go. At the same time, it is not clear how this Subgov will be related to DeBots? General DApp is a bit abstract thing since any web page with a crypto widget injection could be called so.

Очень хорошая задумка (на данный момент сильно не хватает визуальной части). Буду следить за вами. Удачи вам

I leave from Initial members because the speed of making decisions on sab gov is too low for me.

Hello there.

Glad to inform you that we are renovate proposal and release the new one by link.