CreateWills partnership proposal


Stage 1 50K upfront to be paid to Developer experience sub-governance so they select a team via contest, and pay them for development of MVP
Stage 2 Upon completion of the blockchain MVP. Another 50K to be paid to Developer experience sub-governance so they finance further development as they see fit
Stage 3 Upon Launch. 400k tokens for every 100k new users, cap of 1M users

CreateWills Overview - Who We Are

Create Wills is a digital “Wills” platform aiming to disrupt the “Wills and Testament” industry, a sub-sector of Estate Planning, Insurance, and Wealth Management industry with its user-friendly and affordable conventional will and Islamic will on a single platform. It is estimated that only 1 of 3 American adults and less than half of the United Kingdom (UK) population have wills. These numbers will probably be worse off in less mature markets like Asia and the Middle East.

CreateWills currently operates in multiple countries, namely:

We have secured partnerships with many other businesses to provide Wills to their customers via agents re-selling Wills and direct-to-customer sales.



  • Sold – 50,000 wills
  • Commitment to purchase – 750,000 wills
  • Potential access – 47 million users (non-unique)

In the pipeline

  • Commitment – 2,750,000 wills (Malaysia and Singapore)
  • Potential access - 133 million users (non-unique) (Malaysia and Indonesia)

Collaboration Overview

CreateWills would like to use Free TON to bring to market a novel and exciting product utilizing smart contracts and blockchain tech. There is a strong use case for creating digital Wills which are stored on-chain and which can be accessed by nominated third parties via a smart contract.

We are excited to propose a collaboration with Free TON to help us build this on-chain solution via a contest.

Collaboration Benefits to CreateWills

  1. CreateWills will be able to utilize the Free TON blockchain and development community to create a Smart Contracts solution for its customers to upload their Wills to the chain.
  2. CreateWills will gain a new product that can be marketed and sold to its customer base.

Collaboration Benefits to Free TON

  1. Free TON will gain a minimum of 2 users for every CreateWills customer who chooses to upload their Will to the chain.

  2. The first user is the customer to whom the Will belongs

  3. Additional users would be Executors and Beneficiaries named on the Will who would be able to access the Will via the smart contract

Implementation Process

We are proposing a multi-step contest as the main approach to the collaboration which will be funded by the initial Token request and paid to the successful contest Winners via sub governance by the Free TON developer experience community.

On-Chain development

The main focus is the development of the on-chain smart contract.

For this, we require the assistance of a Senior developer or a team to code the smart contract which can then be used by CreateWills via an SDK to upload contracts to the chain for its users.

The development should take approximately 4 months with close collaboration with the CreateWills CTO who will oversee the development and integration. For this, we will require 100K tokens to pay for the on-chain development.

Timeline and Tokens

Timelines below are estimates only

Step Description Timeline/Tokens Tokens
1 CreateWills will provide a development spec of the proposed solution to be developed. This will be shared with development teams taking part in the contest. 1 week
2 Development teams or developers submit their proposals for development and how they will work with CreateWills to develop the solution 1 month
3 Select a team to proceed with the collaboration 1 week 50K tokens to select team and start development
4 Development of the MVP solution by winning team 2 months 50K tokens upon completion of MVP
5 Development of full solution after integration with CreateWills web application 2 months
6 Concurrent development of the CreateWills web app by CreateWills to interface with the Free TON on-chain solution (this is proprietary software funded by CreateWills and will not require any tokens) Concurrently with steps 4 and 5 No tokens required
7 Product launch Gas fees will be paid for by CreateWills

Additional Tokens

We will request additional tokens on reaching set milestones of active users.

On each batch of 100k users, we will request 4 tokens per user. Up to a maximum of 1 million users.

A user is considered to be a customer of CreateWills who chooses to upload their Will to the Free TON blockchain. Executors and Beneficiaries who are named on the Will and can access the Will on-chain are also considered to be users.


Brilliant use-case, totally support and would be happy to participate in competition.


CreateWills have existing business and clientele. Migrating their service offering to blockchain would make the unique value preposition ans value added even more evident.


CreateWills currently operates in multiple countries, namely:

We have secured partnerships with many other businesses to provide Wills to their customers via agents re-selling Wills and direct-to-customer sales.

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I like this a lot, well thought out and a solid use-case.

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Confirmed by corporate email This Partnership proposal is provided by a representative of CreateWills.


This is certainly an interesting usecase along with a well-thought plan. I’ll support this proposal and look forward to the ways you simplify blockchain usage for the mass market.

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What a great use case and also a new vibrant market.

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Fully support his partnership, great usecase

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Analytical report Create Wills

This is our partnership analytical report prepared for the «DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program» contest.

Present analytic report is completely based on the data available in the open sources. Due to ethical reasons, personal contact details are partially hidden. The report structures all the publically available information and flags potential interdependancies and inconsistencies. Present report should not be regarded as a verdict or proof of any kind. It is an initial open source intelligence: not all the information gathered or conclusions made can be regarded as 100% legit.

Express report:

Full report:

You can find more analytical reports, transcriptions of AMA sessions, partner news on the first information & news website for FreeTON partners

Аналитический отчет Create Wills

Это аналитический отчет по потенциальному партнеру FreeTON, подготовленный в рамках конкурса «DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program».

Настоящий аналитический отчет полностью основан на данных, доступных в открытых источниках. По этическим причинам личные контактные данные частично скрыты. Отчет структурирует всю общедоступную информацию и отмечает потенциальные взаимозависимости и несоответствия. Настоящий отчет не следует рассматривать как доказательство какого-либо рода. Это из открытых источников. Не всю собранную информацию или сделанные выводы можно считать на 100% достоверными.

Экспресс отчет:

Полный отчет:

Также вы можете найти еще больше аналитических отчетов, транскрипций AMA-сессий, новостей партнеров на первом информационно-новостном сайте по партнерам FreeTON


Right, so this is sort of a no brainer for me.

  1. They’re doing it through a Free TON subgov so the tokens are literally inside the community. That’s an awesome idea!
  2. The partnership itself is a potentially MASSIVE use case. It sets a precedent smart-contract that can then be used for analogous use cases.

The only thing I would add is a condition to undergo formal auditing before launch.

Other than that, it massively mitigates risk and offers oodles of value upon completion. No questions. I suggest moving to a vote asap.

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Support Create Wills Malaysia :+1:

Great project! Exciting to see the first partnership project with sub-gov.

Support this proposal :+1:

как по мне очень странный проект, что то с ними не так.
предложение больше похоже на то как корабли бороздят космос, одним словом (не реальное). :slightly_smiling_face:

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We are just gathering the info to respond to the questions asked. We will reply ASAP today.
I apologise the numbers may be confusing here, these are not the number of users we have right now but the number of potential users in the countries we’re currently targeting.

Thanks! An audit before launch would be great. We will consider how we can work that into the process.

Изучив предложение детальней, я однозначно против согласования
представленого партнерства.
Предложение нарушает фундаментальные принципы free TON.
Необоснованные огромные выплаты без малейшей объективной пользы для free TON.
К тому же имеются все признаки скам предложения с целью обогащения.

У меня возникают только вопросы к влиятельным и активным участникам так мило поддержавших ето предложение.
По каким факторам они определили пользу этого предложения для free TON??
Поясните детальней.
Но логически возможны две причины,
1- вы соучастник и лоббируете в своих корыстных интересах.
2- вы не компетентны и не изучив материалы и детали, и поверхностно посмотрев решили вопреки логики поддержать.
Со судя из вашей активности и вклада в форум ТОН, мне второй вариант мало верится.
Пожалуйте дайте логические факторы причины вашей поддержки.

Having studied the proposal in more detail, I am unequivocally against agreeing the presented partnership.
The offer violates the fundamental principles of free TON.
Unreasonable huge payments without the slightest objective benefit for free TON.
In addition, there are all the signs of an offer scam for the purpose of enrichment.

I only have questions for influential and active participants who so kindly supported this proposal.
By what factors did they determine the benefit of this offer for free TON ??
Explain in more detail.
But logically two reasons are possible,
1- you are an accomplice and lobby in your own selfish interests.
2- you are not competent and without having studied the materials and details, and having looked superficially, decided against logic to support.
Judging from your activity and contribution to the TON forum, I hardly believe the second option.
Please give the logical reasons for your support.


Thank you for the quick response.


The tokens requested will not be held by CreateWills, instead, they will be managed by the Free TON subgov to pay for development.

The collaboration will benefit Free TON by bringing in users who will interact with Smart Contracts created on Free TON.

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