Country Ambassadors for Free TON Stage 1: Ambassador Selection [10-24.08.2020.]

In my opinion, It is better to express the “Stage 1: Ambassador Selection” in parentheses: Country Ambassadors for Free TON (Stage 1: Ambassador Selection)

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What about the other proposal on ambassadors?

/Contest Proposal: Free TON Ambassador Program Development

What is the relation between them? Why it doesn’t go for voting?

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The relation is suchlike:

I found this topic some days ago and there was no Contest Proposal for this issue, but just discussion and one option for the contest. I organized the Contest Proposal for the Ambassadors Program. And the author of this topic also made a variation of Contest. So now we got two of them.

I agree. We have to choose strategy for selecting ambassadors first and then go to selecting itself. The risk somebody will put the whole effort into the winning the contest, but not in the after-contest promotional, marketing work - is high.


Готов стать послом
На территории ДНР. (Донецкая Народная Республика) .


Am I right that 10-24 of August corresponds to Stage 1 only? What period will be taken by Stage 2, I mean how long we have to perform the Ambassador duties?
Is it mandatory to be phisycally located in the country of represence?


The title of the post says “Contest Proposal”. But the topic has already been posted in active contests. Dear experts, attention, question: where to post my resume and presentation of my ideas for this competition? There is no separate link for placing applications for participation in the competition.

I will also support Arthur’s question, which was asked above.

В заглавии поста написано “Конкурсное предложение”. Но тема уже выложена в активные конкурсы. Уважаемые знатоки, внимание, вопрос: куда выкладывать резюме и презентацию моих идей по данному конкурсу? Нет отдельной ссылки для размещения заявок на участие конкурсе.

Так же поддержу вопрос Артура, который задан выше.


CV - here
Ideas - here

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А могут быть несколько послов от одной страны? Просто мы же понимаем что 70% это русскоязычное население

@Roman_D please help

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Hello. Similar to previous contests, any submission should be first a reply to the proposal text above. Then it should be uploaded via a PDF on

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Hello. According to the idea it is quite possible. Decide by the jury.

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Полагаю что могут, почему нет?

Great Idea.
Adoption is the key for any successful project.
Since free ton is a open project so we have to expand it at our most and hard efforts.

Great Idea, i want to introduce TON to my generation in my country

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I think for a widely adoption of freeton ecosystem we have to start a referral rewards program ASAP.

I am against such a competition.

At the moment Free TON is in its early stages of development. There is still much to be done.

If we start advertising it now, then users who want to know more about it will have the impression that the project is crude. We even have SURF in beta.

At the moment, there are simply no tools that could interest a business.

For RU users:

Я против такого конкурса.

На данный момент Free TON находится на начальном этапе развития. Еще многое предстоит сделать.

Если мы сейчас начнем его рекламировать, то у пользователей, которые захотят узнать о нем подробнее, сложится мнение, что проект сырой. У нас даже SURF в бете.

На данный момент просто нет инструментов, которые смогли бы заинтересовать бизнес.


Hello everyone!
My name is Daria Artanovskaya (TG @Artanovskaya)

I am submitting my application for Country Ambassador for Free TON contest and I will be glad to accept my application.

My submission for Free TON promotion

I am going to represent the Free TON for the Russian-, Ukrainian-, English-speaking community all over the world (separate emphasis on Ukraine, Russia, Egypt).

I chose this Brand Ambassador program because I value communication with people and the opportunity to give the crypto community something new in the form of Free TON, and to the crypto community - Free TON.

Since my job is community developer in a successful project IoTeX, I know all the subtleties and nuances of the Brand Ambassador’s work that will help me promote FreeTON for the crypto community. Previous work experience gave me the skill to contact the community on a daily basis: the project developers created a product, my task was to convey all the best aspects of this product to the community - the final consumer. The result of the work is an increase in the value of an active project - a token. This communication skill I will implement to develop Free TON.

I like the Free TON concept and I want as many people as possible to learn about the project and all communities to have the opportunity to receive proper support from Free TON in different languages ​​all over the world. I can give such an opportunity to develop the Free TON community in several language groups at once (English, Russian, Ukrainian, German).

I want to be able to work with such a big project, since I have something to share with Free TON.

I believe that what Free TON is the cryptocurrency future.

My goal is to work and earn money together with Free TON that has a great future. Our work can be useful for both the Free TON and me.

To develop the Free TON project, as a Brand Ambassador I am going to perform the following tasks:

  1. Ambassadors Governance development:
  • Full development of the entire structure of Brand Ambassadors work;
  • Rewards and payments structure development to all Brand Ambassadors;
  • Necessary and important tasks development for the all Brand Ambassadors to complete;
  • Monitoring the fulfillment of each Brand Ambassadors duties;
  • Search and selection of the best Brand Ambassadors who will be interested in the continuous Free TON development;
  • Communication with every Brand Ambassador;
  • Full system of interaction of all participants in the working process development.

Our team is already working and implementing developments in Free TON, for example, our proposal #29 Contest: Free TON Brand Masters - Program Development was approved and this contest already started.

  1. Free TON presentation on cryptocurrency forums such as Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalks, Cryptotalk:
  • Announcement threads creation (Russian, English, German);
  • Publication of all news and current information about the Free TON in the appropriate language;
  • Moderation and answer questions from all users interested in the Free TON on ANN threads.
  1. Signature bounty campaigns conduction on the Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalks, Cryptotalk cryptocurrency forums:
  • Campaign rules creation according to which interested forum users will participate in signature bounty campaign;
  • Signature creation;
  • Moderation, daily check of all participants activities and the quality of the signature bounty campaign rules fulfillment;
  • Timely rewards payment to bounty campaign participants in accordance with the reward amount agreed with the Free TON team.
  1. New Brand Ambassadors and active community members search and attraction to Free TON:
  • New Brand Ambassadors Recruiting to Free TON;
  • Search for new users who will be an active community members and will participate in discussions in different chats and on the internal Free TON forum;
  • Search for new users who will actively participate in Free TON contests, as well as initiate new contests themselves.
  1. Additional tasks to maintain the Free TON information background - content creation:
  • Writing articles about Free TON, as well as their translation with publication on the Free TON forum to familiarize new community members;
  • Create my own video review about Free TON;
  • Translations of any materials (Free TON news, articles, online livestreams and AMA sessions) into Russian, Ukrainian, English, German within 24 hours after publication.

Total KPI: 20 new active Brand Ambassadors / 1000 new active community members interested in Free TON.

(My goal is to invite active community members to the Free TON who will contribute to the project development. Therefore, I focus on the quality of new community members invited to the Free TON)

Deadline for completing all tasks: 2 months.

The full report of all work done will be represented in a publicly accessible Google spreadsheets. The current information will be updated every week on Monday.

Some more info from our team:

  1. We have come up with a know-how system for attracting new active community members from all over the world, which is called “Crypto Quest” - to quickly enter and get acquainted with the Free TON ecosystem and constantly increase the total number of users. The system guarantees the attraction of interested users who will sign the declaration, install surf, subscribe to the main chat and channel, as well as become level 2 users on the forum and perform a number of tasks, thereby getting to know the project and connecting to active work in the community (becoming administrators and moderators in different language chats and on the forum, leaders, ambassadors, developers and just users with knowledge of the crypto community and technical moments who will use products based on Free TON), over contests, development and the introduction of various products into Free TON (no bots, no KYC).

Initiation, budget and contribution rewards are discussed separately.

  1. Idea for discussion in the community: Free TON Congress 2021 (autumn), for 10,000 people with presentations from teams, interesting speakers, as well as cool technical things like: conducting a real-time SMV voting on the issues that the community will face so that everyone can see on the big screen how the voting takes place with the broadcast online.

Initiation, budget and contribution rewards are discussed separately.

You can check my CV and full offer Country Ambassador for Free TON contest here -


Nice! :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

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