Contest Proposal: Validator's Incentive mechanisms for FreeTON test networks (Stage I - Architecture design) [Draft]

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Contest Proposal: Validator’s incentive mechanisms for FreeTON test networks (Stage I - Architecture design) [Draft]


Goal: Design incentives mechanisms to attract more validators to Free TON test networks to ensure sufficient level of networks performance, stability and fault tolerance.


It’s a multi-stage contest which aims to design and implement decentralized incentives mechanisms for test network validators:

  • STAGE 1 - Architecture design contest
  • STAGE 2 - Implementation contest(s) (based on STAGE 1 results)




Starts: 21.04.2021, Ends: 05.05.2021


Free TON community needs to have a fast and stable area for development and experiments. Currently there are two FreeTON test networks running ( and which are used for such purposes, but both are not sufficiently stable. One of the reasons is the quantity and quality of validators and TON OS DApp servers. FreeTON needs to have incentives mechanisms to attract more validators to test networks to ensure sufficient levels of stability and performance.


Design validator’s Incentive mechanism for long-term support of test networks. Describe and propose the most efficient, decentralized and secure mechanism to attract more validators to test networks. Submission must include general architecture, smart contracts description (if exists), implementation phases, requirements and future contests if required.


  • decentralized and automated (as possible) incentive mechanism
  • reward and max number of rewarded validators MUST be possible to regulate (e.q by consensus, TON crystal current market price etc)
  • submission MUST include detailed architecture diagram with all system elements
  • detailed information of each future element provided on diagram must be added to the specification of the submission;
  • submission MUST contain description of each technology, smart contract, dapp or DeBot with final acceptance criteria for this element.
  • submission MUST contain implementation phases/procedures/contests with expected timelines;

Evaluation criteria and Winning conditions

  • logic simplicity
  • implementation complexity, cost and time
  • security and fraud prevention mechanisms
  • possible control mechanism for validators geographical distribution, system performance, sufficient decentralization
  • existing cases of architecture adaptation on other test networks - best practices
  • detailed description of implementation stages and future steps


The winners will receive the following:

1st prize - 10 000

2nd prize - 7 000

3nd prize - 5 000


Jurors whose team(s) intend to participate in this contest by providing submissions lose their right to vote in this contest.

Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 0 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting if they feel unqualified to judge.

Jurors will provide feedback on your submissions.

Duplicate, sub-par, incomplete, or inappropriate submissions will be rejected.

Jury rewards

An amount equal to 5% of the sum total of all total tokens actually awarded to winners of this contest will be divided equally between all jurors who vote and provide feedback. The percentage of tokens awarded to the jury will be distributed based on the number of votes each juror casts. For example, if one juror votes 50 times and another juror votes 5 times, the juror who votes 50 times will get 10 times more tokens than the juror who votes 5 times.

  • Feedback is mandatory to collect any rewards.

why not tonlabs nodes?
they validate now in very well

The first question I have is whether we really need 7 solutions for this question.
Does anybody really think that there could be 7 new solutions which DevOps SG members overlooked during conversations in the Telegram group?

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I really think that this problem can be solved by different ways / approaches. But winners/rewards up to discuss. We can change them to standard 1/2/3 places. I think the goal here is to collect as much as possible good ideas to create single specification(without any contest) and start implantation phase.

Tonlabs, tonlabs, tonlabs …

When you said “very well” what do you mean? do not work very well must be stable and be main-like, but now it failes when tonlabs goes to vacation (Proposal to prolongate contest: DGO SMV Smart Contract System)

D - Decentralization

So how can I get involved? I can participate in the test validator.

just run validator node in or

but contest not about that, this contest not to pay to validators directly, we need decentralized and automated process to incentive validators

Changed winners list to
1st prize - 10 000

2nd prize - 7 000

3nd prize - 5 000

rewards up to discuss

What happens after it runs? Do I need to register?

If you want to run validator in test network you need to just follow instruction

Anyone can do it without any registration and etc. You just need to ask tokens and run it. But no one do it actually, because no incentives. In we have TONLabs nodes only.

This contest to design and implement some infrastructure to incentive validators to run nodes in and receive some profit.

Okay, today I deploy
Hope to be rewarded, the server and network costs are high.
my depool: 0:c1216ac74455ecccf20fe8f76b1ae7b45ba4f6fc0e4ede8e908f42927ec00c0e

stop, you didn’t get the point

this contest not about running nodes in and waiting for reward

This contest about design automated infrastructure/ smart contracts to dynamicly reward nodes. Wait for finishing of this contest and implementation and only after that you will be able to receive some reward for validation of test networks

and also it’s not a contest yet, it’s just draft and proposal

understand 。 :grinning: :grinning: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Does this contest require a description of an economic model and technical architecture?


Will add to requirements about economic model. About technical architecture I suppose it’s clearly defined in requirements, if not let’s adjust contest proposal text

Perhaps the first step should be to create an economic model. In the next step, we need a technical architecture for a better economic model. And the third stage is the implementation of this technical solution. This will help us find the best economic model and then implement it. In the current situation, we will have a choice between a good economic model and a good technical solution.

I think the process of onboarding validators is also important. Do we need to protect ourselves from multi-accounts?


я предлагаю увеличить количество призовых мест, для того чтобы собрать как можно больше заявок на участие.

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Вы совершенно правы, сначала нужно продумать экономическую модель

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Этот конкурс не про заявки на участие…

Все конкурсы про заявки на участие, при малом количистве призовых, можно упустить лучшее.

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