Contest proposal: Soundtrack for Free TON

I also consider the issue of preferred styles to be important. Free creativity and unlimited styles are good, but …
The catch is that you can write both jazz and symphony and an experiment, but the judge likes techno.

But the number of performances from one participant can also be increased) more work - more choice!

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That’s why there are a lot of jurors. All of them have different tastes.


And works from 1 participant will be increased.

I mean that the judge, on the contrary, should not rely only on his opinion and love for a certain direction, but understand both current trends and look into the future. And so I would like to discuss the implementation of the track in the life of the community.

It is important to consider here that there is and should be a clear delineation of the use of tracks. Not every track you listen to in a car, nor every track you listen to in a car is suitable for the community.

The purpose of use depends on what the work will be.

Simply put, the track for the intro of a video or radio broadcast is very different from what we are used to listening to with headphones.

For different tasks and completely different implementations

It’s like a W&D ID contest

Do we need an audio identifier?
Background music ?

The motivation of the contest is soundtrack like this, when listening to which, a person will want to find the name of the song on the Internet and stumble upon Free TON.

Also it will be used with videos, lives, conferences etc

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Я думаю, участники будут понимать, что «артхаус» или мрачный трэк точно не подойдут для Free TON, а скорее весёлый и вдохновляющий.

Наверное, надо будет прописать это в условиях.

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Или наоборот , мне кажется, надо дать волю фантазии участникам, пусть пишут любой трэк: хоть мрачный, хоть весёлый. В этом же смысл децентрализации.

Hello. The idea is very interesting. But do you think that would be a good idea before the launch of gov 2.0?

Hello. When is the gov 2.0 launching?

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Free TON deserves the inspiring and beautiful soundtrack that will be used
on lives, videos, conferences etc.


  • High quality, musicality and originality of the soundtrack;
  • It must not be happy - you decide the style of your track;
  • The soundtrack may include vocal, but you can create it without vocal - your choice. If the soundtrack has vocal parts, then it must be in English and about Free TON. You can use autotune, but not overdo;
  • If it needed, jurors can request necessary files, videos, screenshots to find plagiarism or other things;
  • Don’t send demos/fragments to the contest, just finished tracks;
  • Unlimited works from 1 participant.

Technical requirements:

  • Any genre;
  • Accepting finished tracks of format MP3 / 320kbps / 44100Hz / stereo;
  • Duration of the track is no less then 2 minutes and no longer than 6 minutes;
  • Winners of the contest must send mastered file of format WAV / 44100Hz / stereo / 24bit;
  • No samples, just original melody;
  • Works must be published under the CC BY-NC-SA license;
  • Finished work must have a name: Artist Name - Track Name (Free TON soundtrack);
  • A cover of the soundtrack is + for success: 1400x1400px JPEG (optional);
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Do you agree with this?

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Эти условия уже похожи на тех задание ) Одобряем !)

support music for free ton.
it can be in any local language lyrics?

I’m sure, only English

I’m not against. i support it!

I suggest participants to immediately send mastered file of format WAV / 44100Hz / stereo / 24bit
Because after the contest the participants may “forget” to send the file

wav file is large to download, mp3 will suffice for review. But in case of victory, wav will be needed for its further possible revision.

@aristotel I think it will be necessary to add an item to the technical specifications that the final version of the winner should be 9 RMS and contain a multitrack folder with tracks without effects
processing such as (delay, reverb, compression, equalization). But at the same time, contain files of reverb and delay buses, and be wav 44100/24 ​​and at peak contain - 6 RMS

And each track of the multitrack should have an easy-to-read view

& Etc

this may be required for subsequent remix contests, which in turn will give another impetus to promotion

As a music creator, I would definitely take part in this contest. =)
But I’m not quite sure why the community needs it?

IMHO this competition is made to embezzle money. Nobody will ever need this song. Has anyone made songs for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies? To give so many crystals for a thing which will bring zero benefit is nonsense. Professional beatmakers are cheaper

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