Contest Proposal: Reward for interesting questions

Contest Proposal: Reward for interesting questions.

Short description:

A certain amount of TON Crystal is allocated in each weekly stream to reward the best question.



Contest entry period:

August 21, 12:00 PM UTC - December 30, 24:00 PM UTC.


Ask an interesting question that is important or will clarify the intricacies of the blockchain, community, consensus and get rewarded…

General requirements, evaluation criteria and winning conditions:

The question should be:

• The question should be specific, concise, understandable, simple in construction

• Relevant at every stage of development.

• Useful for the whole community.

• The wording of the question and its meaning should take into account the personal experience or members of the community of the respondents in the area to which the question is directed

• Without profanity.

• Correctly worded.

• The question should indicate all possible alternative responses

• If you need to concretize the answer, you can enter a short introduction to the question.

• Be consistent with terminology.

• There should be no lies and false statements.

• Questions should not contradict each other

A SURF or other suitable address must be specified.


Will vote in real time evaluating questions and may reject it if it does not meet the requirements, or it may abstain from voting, if they consider themselves unfit to judge.


1st prize…………………………50 Tons

2st prize…………………………30 Tons

3st prize…………………………20 Tons


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.


Hello. Support and give feedback to anyone interested. I am waiting for suggestions on what can be improved.

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the questions for the wiki pages?

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Hello. Not understood

questions to write on this subject here?

I do not understand where you need to publish questions in this section?

Before streaming on YouTube or other sites.

Before and during streams on YouTube or other resources.