Contest Proposal: Mini Games For Airdrop

Short Description:

This contest is a logical continuation of the Airdrop Mechanics 1 contest. Obviously, the offer with the distribution of tokens through mini-games won. Therefore, the purpose of this contest is to determine the mechanics of mini-games, the algorithm for scoring, the algorithm for distributing awards. Since, according to the proposal of winner of Airdrop Mechanics 1 contest, a series of mini-games will be implemented, all of them must be different in mechanics, otherwise it is possible to create a bot that emulates a game. Therefore, a mini-game can be implemented for each top 10th proposal of this contest.




Starts July 20 2020; ends Aug 10, 2020 12:00 PM UTC


Approaching the moment of distribution of tokens among the general public.


• High complexity (impossibility ideally) of software emulation of the game
• Ease to play for people with a wide range of gaming abilities
• The fun of the game
• Creating the feeling of winning something valuable
• 10 minutes per game limit
• Semantic connection with blockchain technology is desirable, but not required
• Reasonable separation of winners and losers according to the score
• Reasonable distribution of tokens among participants

Potential Contents:

Please note that this contest isn’t aimed for the final code of the game in the program language.

General Process:

Participants must provide a general description (graphic schemes are welcome) of the game process, the process of scoring, distribution of tokens.


Contestant Prize:

The top 10 winners, based on jury votes, will receive the following awards:

Highest rated……………………… 15,000 Tons

2nd highest rated……………………14,000 Tons

10th highest rated ………… ……….6,000 Tons

Jury Prize:

Jury members who vote…………. 5% of all total tokens awarded and distributed to winners


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens and entities.


Contest submission should contain set of mini-games or it is enough to have 1?

It have to be 1. Why ? Because as a result, we need to get the 10 best games, but not 10 sets from one good game and several unsuitable ones.

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