Contest Proposal: Legalization (Part 1)

Contest Proposal: Legalization (Part 1)

Cryptocurrency has not been accepted by a mass audience because of speculation. TON Rubins (CRYSTALS) should never go the same path otherwise credibility will be lost forever. Here are a few important rules that we have to agree on in order to support FreeTON Network worldwide:

  1. TON Rubins (CRYSTALS) is a digital product which you need to use only to communicate in FreeTON Network. Execution and Completion of Smart Contracts
  2. TON Rubins (CRYSTALS) should never be used to buy/sell physical products or services.
  3. TON Rubins (CRYSTALS) can be used only to prove a transaction such as money transfer between parties or documents signature.
  4. TON Rubins (CRYSTALS) can not be exchanged for real money. Customers can pay the Companies for a service where TON Rubins (CRYSTALS) are required to complete transactions. However, there is no direct exchange of how much funds you need in order to buy TON Rubins (CRYSTALS) and then complete the transaction. For example, Company (A) and Company (B) provide the exact same service in FreeTON network (signing real estate contracts) the fee of TON Rubins (CRYSTALS) could be the same for each company. However, a Customer can pay 100 dollars + tax to Company (A) and 200 euros + tax to Company (B) for any type of reasons. This way we can always be compliant with the government and never break laws to be banned.
  5. TON Rubins (CRYSTALS) it is not a security (STOCK). It cannot gain profit by just holding it.
  6. TON Rubins (CRYSTALS) should respect the laws of each country.
  7. TON Rubins (CRYSTALS) should never be centralized or managed by a group of people.
  8. Amount of TON Rubins (CRYSTALS) should never be an issue in FreeTON Network. Nobody can dictate or break blockchain by holding a significant amount of TON Rubins (CRYSTALS).
  9. More coming…

wrong sentence it is :

if a coin solve the problems would become popular and will be used by people even if it is not fully decentral(like ripple)

we have Ruby that is just for test net and is worthless and will be worthless. it is just for testing the TON tech.

Yes, I mostly refer to mainnet!