Contest Proposal: Free TON Local Groups Promotion

Short Description:

It is now a long time passed from the establishment of the Free TON local language groups (China, Korea, Spain,…) . We need a separate contest for local groups so that the admins get motivated to promote their groups before airdrop starts.




Starts Aug 17 2020; ends Sep 10, 2020 12:00 PM UTC


To reach the best possible decentralization, we need to attract people all around the world. The local groups can help a lot to reach this goal. The only thing we need here is to motivate their admins to do their best and this contest is going to do this.

Key Evaluation Measures:

The local group owners should try to promote their groups based on key evaluation measures such as:

  • The number of online (real) members: Please not that it is quite different with the number of members. Telegram shows number of online members for every chat. Jurors can use it for evaluating number of real members.
  • Members activity: People should be active and participants. Local admins should add @combot for stats. Jury can see active users in chat (that they are real)
  • Admins activity, Admins should be active and support local users. Jury can see active admins in chat (by checking their supports/replies)
  • Technical group settings, such as appropriate group name, suitable group description, related group link and picture, …
  • Native language usage by users,
  • Translating Free TON announcements and posts,
  • Related discussion, posts and replies,
  • Motivating local members to join on the live streams, forum discussions, global chats discussion, and contests participations
  • Holding conferences, webinars, campaigns in the local language
  • and any other creative activities…

General Process:

The local group owners should do their best to promote their groups, and submit their proposal including a screenshot of their activities based on the evaluation measures.


  • Each of the initial Free TON validators can nominate 1 person to the jury.
  • Initial validators whose team(s) intend to participate in the contest lose their right to nominate a jury member.
  • Each jury member will vote by placing a number 0 through 10 next to each submission.
  • To avoid fraud, juries will check the status of local groups time to time.
  • In the event that more than 1 contestant receives the same rating, the total related prize will be divided equally among them.


Contestant Prize:

The top 5 winners, based on jury votes, will receive the following rewards:

1st prize ……………………30,000 Tons

2nd prize ………………….25,000 Tons

3rd prize ……………….….20,000 Tons

4th prize……………….…. 19,000 Tons

So on…

20th prize……………….…. 1,000 Tons

Jury Prize:

Jury members who vote…………. 5% of all total tokens awarded and distributed to winners


Just the admin of local groups (created before 25 July 2020) can participate, and only one proposal will be allowed from a local group.
If a group has more than 1 admin, the owner of the group is under an obligation to divide reward among admins based on the activities they have done for promoting the group.

Currently, the following groups are listed:

| China | Korea | Spain | Turkey | Ukraine | France | Deutsch | Italy | Iran | Singapore | Canada | India | Malta | Greece | Brazil | Arabic | African | ASEAN | Flud Group

This proposal is encouraged by Free TON Weekly Livestream【Meeting #10】.


One week is too short period for this contest, if you ask me


Thank you @SkyAnn for your comment. You are right. I’ll give it a correction. I increase the time period up to 3 weeks. Perhaps, the start date needs correction too. Lets see what will be happening.


In Amendment 2 proposal:

5% of total TON rewarded is suggested as jury reward. However, your total rewards is very low, the 5% of which is only 3500 TONs. Juries deserve much more rewards for their duty. I suggest you increase the total rewards so that the jury reward increases as well.


Thanks @WuChi001X. I do understand your concern. We have increased the number of rewards from 3 to 5. Please note that the number of local groups are limited at the moment and so we could not increase the number of rewards more than 5. Otherwise, the contest will sound to be meaningless. The joury prize has now been increased to 4,500 Tons.


Hello. I would not split the community. Suggest continuation of the contest and hopefully everyone will support it.

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Thanks for your concern. However, please note that I have never split the community. The local groups have been proposed by Free TON team. They have suggested one local group for each country/region. The local groups are under the direct supervision of the main free TON group, as well.
The reason why those local groups were created is just to help the guys who are not familiar with the English language. In addition and more importantly, it is the best way to reach the optimum decentralization. We are just trying to help the team for rapid and effective promotion of Free TON all around the world.


Hello! Overviewed your proposal. You should re-submit it and think more about:

  1. How can we proof that people are real?

I think better to add a point that people should be active and participants (local admins) shoul use @combot for stats. We can measure activity (without bots), for example 50 active users in chat for 1 month.

  1. Community shoul be involved in process be active: join on the live streams (more than 10 people), forum discussions, global chats discussion.
  2. Contests participations.

Hello dear Admin @Roman_D

I carefully studied your invaluable comments, and corrected the contest proposal by dividing “Process & Evaluation Measures” part into two separate and more detailed parts: “Key Evaluations Measures” and “General Process”. In fact the "Key Evaluation Measures" has been improved by considering your invaluable points as follows.


I would suggest add combot for measure. Jury can see active users in chat (that they are real). Plus I’d recommend you increase time of this contest up to 1 month.

Can you fix it?


Yes, Sure @Roman_D
Corrections have been made.


Я организатор и участник локальной группы русскоязычного комьюнити. “Флудилка” . @freeton_flud .
Если обязательно необходимо указать локализацию в привязке к географии то считайте нас группой Союза Советских Социалистических Республик (USSR). Мы очень активная группа . Участники нашей группы помогают новичкам во всех чатах сообщества (включая иноязычные) . Мы проводим видео встречи . В группе состоит 200 человек . Постоянно активных более 10% . У нашей группы есть свой Ютуб канал .
Мы выдвигаемся на данный конкурс всей группой .
В нашей группе присутствуют участники из многих стран
Как и прежде .


You’re welcome. All listed group can participate. Please make sure your group is listed on main Free TON group [Link_of_Current_List]

You may change the name of the group and its image so that it point to your country/region.

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Полностью поддерживаю эта группа генерирует больше идей и контента чем большинство остальных вместе взятых!:muscle::muscle:

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Представление Telegram-группы

На данный момент в нашей группе 200+ человек зарегистрированных пользователей из которых более 10% проявляют ежедневную активность.

Участники нашей группы помогают новичкам во всех чатах сообщества (включая иноязычные). Мы проводим видео встречи. @combot - в группе присутствует.

Aктивная часть пользователей группы прикладывает максимум усилий для помощи в решении вопросов других участников. Наши пользователи присутствуют во многих сообществах и оказывают им посильную помощь.

B группе регулярно публикуются все новости Free TON сообщества.

При появлении информации о новых конкурсах в группе идёт их активное обсуждение.

Несколько раз в неделю группой организуются видеоконференции на которых обсуждаются актуальные вопросы.

С записями этих встреч вы можете ознакомиться на официальном канале группы: ,

при необходимости, мы приглашаем специалистов из числа разработчиков, Ton Labs для более подробного освещения интересующих сообщество вопросов.


Telegram group presentation https: //

At the moment, there arein our group 200+ registered users, of which more than 10% are daily active.

Members of our group help newcomers in all chats of the community (including foreign languages). We are holding a video meeting. @combot - present in the group.

The active part of the group’s users makes every effort to help resolve the issues of other members. Our users are present in many communities and provide them with all possible assistance.

The group regularly publishes all the news of the Free TON community.

When information about new competitions appears in the group, they are actively discussed.

Several times a week, the group organizes video conferences where topical issues are discussed.

You can find the recordings of these meetings on the group’s official channel: ,

if necessary, we invite experts from among the developers, Ton Labs for more detailed coverage of issues of interest to the community.


Thank you for taking this initiative. This is very much needed for communities to grow.

We provide some input regarding Measuring activities.

  1. Timezone - some contest before said their community was most active just by taking a screenshot of the number of “online” users. What time did this person take the screenshot? At 5AM in Korea and 4PM in some other part of the world?
  2. Cultural context - in Korea, very small number of people use Telegram as a primary means of communication. Naturally, not many users appear as if not as active on Telegram, but these real people are physically meeting up everyday. Also, admins cannot be as active if they are spending so much time offline. So we should include physical meetup as a evaluation criteria and provide a very clear guideline on how the online activity will be measured exactly.

Keep up the great work!


Thank you for your comments. I understand your concerns. Regarding “Timezone” point, as you know, in this contest the admins themselves will prepare and send their submissions. You may take the screenshot whenever you think it shows the best status of your local group (Any time during the 24 hours you prefer). Off course the submission should be before the submission deadline. Moreover, regarding “Cultural context” point, I suggest that you can send an online report of every physical meetup, on community group (by using text reports, photos, videos, …), after meetup holds, and then submit screenshot of reports. This will motivate too many people for participating in your next physical meetups, and then this will promote Free TON more rapidly in your local country/region. Thank you again for your cooperation and contribution.


Ambassadors contest proposal is inclusive of everything written here and more. The language in that proposal may be slanted more toward country promotion, but all of the things named here can be done for Ambassadors. This will make for 2 very similar contests and only serve to confuse people. Just my thoughts.

Вы немного путаете понятия группы и личности в данном случае.

Это конкурс именно про группы а то конкурс про представителей это разные конкурсы.
Вы можете не продвигать группу но продвигать ФриТОН среди доступной аудитории , в этом же конкурсе речь идёт именно о продвижении группы