Contest Proposal: DeBots


DeBots are a game changing paradigm in blockchain development which will introduce End-to-End Decentralization concept to users. However, there are a few developers capable of implementing DeBots. This contest will motivate developers to learn the tech behind DeBots and dive into the world of Free TON.


Contest duration: 7 days

Voting duration: 14 days

Start date: Feb, 22st, 2021, end of day UTC

End date: Feb, 28th, 2021, end of day UTC


Write and publish any DeBot

Submission Requirements

  • Description of use cases (scenarios) as well as actions available in DeBot.
  • Open-source code published under free license.
  • Your repo should include README with introduction and usage manual (reference) and deploy instructions (reference).
  • Feedback on the current available functionality of DEngine and Debot base contract (optional)
  • Test cases with comments for your debot (optional).

Evaluation Criteria

  • Working scripts to deploy and test your DeBot’s functionality. This is very important not only for jurors, but also for any user to try your DeBot.
  • DeBot should work (mandatory requirement).
  • Real use-case implementation is a big plus.

DeBots optional task

These points won’t be judged, but participants will likely benefit from doing that in a long run.

  • Propose DeBot interfaces.
  • Implement smart contract system deployment in form of debot.
  • Submit reviews of any other smart contract submissions of other contestants (within any contest).
  • After publishing the main contest task, participants are welcome to review each other and submit comments on peers’ work either inside main or with separate submission.
  • This will help Smart Contract Jury to evaluate Jury Contests in future and maybe positively affect your scores in future Jury Contests.


1-3: 5000 :gem:

4-10: 3000 :gem:

11-20: 1000 :gem:


:globe_with_meridians: Master-class. Part I

(Мастер-класс по Деботам часть I)

:globe_with_meridians: Master-class. Part II

(Мастер-класс по Деботам часть II)

:globe_with_meridians: Master-class. Part III

(Мастер-класс по Деботам часть III)

:globe_with_meridians: English Master-class video



  • Each of the Free TON Smart Contract Jury Group can vote on a submission. Jurors whose team(s) intend to participate in this contest by providing submissions must abstain from voting in this contest.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 0 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting if they feel unqualified to judge (this should not be the case in this contest).
  • Jurors should provide feedback on each submission they vote for or reject.

Jury and Org Rewards

Jury rewards consist of 10% of prize pool. Organizational activity for contest initiation and holding rewarded as 5% of prize pool.

Jury for this contest consists of Smart Contract Jury Group and any other members which do like to participate in judging and have enough competences (have real experience in smart-contracts and can prove it on-chain). All those “other” members should contact organizers below before the start of this contest.

Organizers: @isheldon, @dnugget.


IMHO. Debots is a big and wrong way to path of Free TON development!

very cool teaser before your submission , which will prove the statement , hopefully.

Let’s discuss increasing prizes for TOP-3 on tomorrow’s call.
I also feel that we may put acceptance score for TOP-3 as well as lower bound for receiving a prize in general

Submit to where?
Are you proposing to make two contests: one for submissions with debots and another one for submissions with reviews?
How do you propose to evaluate reviews then?

This does not look like a contest, but like a distribution of crystals in a random way as evaluation criteria are not clear at all:

  1. What exactly jury members should assess?
  2. What specific task will the participants solve?
  3. What are criteria to decide that one submission is better than other?

here are some thoughts behind this contest design

prize pool is relatively small.
this is not about rocket science , and really don’t need additional resources to put into organization and regulatioon .

task is clear : “build any debot”
requirements basically indicate our expectations that good participant has skills to document and describe code, and the code should work.

it’s also said that automated deployment procedure is great thing to include in codebase.
and of course it’s great to demonstrate some useful piece not a simple todo app.
it is great for participants to follow simple industry best practices as first priority, secondly - propose usecases and show the ability to apply the technology in real life.
small additional thing is to share feedback on their dev experience with debot engine , which will be of real value for tonlabs in further development of dengine and interfaces.

i agree that the paragraph with “additional criteria” is not really well formulated. these are not criteria really. just an optional task with a star :slight_smile:

it is proposed to perform some code review , and any other smart contract submissions analysis including this contest simissions as well.

it is said “make separate submission with arbitrary feedback on what you have seen in codebases of others”

there are no criteria for judging this part of contest, but this activity is proposed to get more from devs who feel comfortable and want to try themselves as reviewers. obviously it will teach us all and give some clues on what to expect from Qualified SC Jury. and hopefully it will raise some interesting tech talks here and there.

i don’t want to reward “review and elaborate” parts because there are no real expectations, but the possible outcome is really interesting and everyone has full freedom to build some beautiful and share thoughts. isn’t that great?

the only crucial thing this proposal really lacks - some list of existing smart contracts , on top of which the debots are to be created.

and of course anyone is welcome to create some SC system + Debot.

Lets add them! Pls propose which repos (links) to add here?

I see this more like hakathon rules. So there are no strict functional requirements of tasks!

Of course the opinions will be non-formal for such criterias as Real use-case implmentation in case a couple of debots have such implementation. But, you know, we have several voters not a one machine!

Hi! We at least should create more examples of DeBots based on the last interfaces approach. Good initiative! Top 3 rewards might be bigger. 15 places is enough I guess.

And will be cool to have DePress DeBot published before contest start.

Totally agree. If we want to have a lot of submissions we need have at least one example. As I know DePress its only (for now) DeBot built based on new architecture.

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due to personal reasons, I have not enough time to finish the proposal, guys please join devex and continue org work at least while I’m absent