Contest Proposal: Bounty "Crystals Hunt"

*Note: *
*The post currently contains a general description. Details of the event will be promptly described in case of positive community support.
**The proposal is open to criticism and is ready for discussion.

Short description
Bounty campaign “Crystals Hunt” : tasks in social networks - posts, reposts, likes, comments, writing articles, creating video content, etc.


  1. creating activity on social networks,
  2. attracting supporters*
  3. content creation
  4. dissemination of information about Free ton, involvement of existing supporters in the information flow.
    5)Eliminating the information vacuum: when there will be a constantly larger number of supporters* on social networks, who will always politely answer all newcomers’ questions
    *A supporter (hereinafter) is an active community member who loves the project, knows the basic information and is more interested in the project as he is a coin holder

Finding the problem:

  1. We see here 300 subscribers and 30 likes for the attached post. It is a sad sight.
    The value of a project is determined by community support, which is directly measured by social media activity.
    Twitter in our case shows the big picture.
  2. Such contests: “decentralized promotion”,
    “country ambassadors”, “program of interaction with ambassadors of countries”, as well as submitting applications for contests “promotion in social networks”, “tell about Free TON on youtube”.
    That is, the community is interested in growth, there is an understanding that it is necessary to involve new members. The project needs globalization, dissemination of information, activity.
  3. The good old “bounty” with the completion of tasks and guaranteed payment for them is a possible solution (not the only one, but in combination with other PR campaigns) of the above tasks.
  4. Most of the community does not know how to help the project (naturally, these are not altruists, everyone wants to get some crystals). These people can and will carry out such feasible activities already now. For which they will receive an award as early supporters.
  5. We have ready-made advertising materials (memes, pictures, gifs) that users can use when publishing on social networks
  6. Expanding the number of supporters contributes to greater reach of the audience for future campaigns and increases the competitive environment for contests


  1. Increase the number of supporters
  2. Create an activity in social networks
  3. Disseminate information about Free Ton on resources (youtube, crypto-forums, publish0x, uptrennd, reddit, medium, relevant, etc.)
  4. Engage the existing community in enjoyable activities with a reward

The basis
The bounty has three stages. Each stage has its own prize pool. With each stage, the pool grows (as more participants join). At each stage, the prize pool is fully distributed if the required number of participants has joined. And part of the pool if it joins less than planned.
The prize pool for each stage is divided into rewards for various activities:
Twitter campaign
Telegram campaign
Facebook campaign
YouTube campaign
Blog and media campaign
Reward for invitations
Each campaign has its own tasks (some have similar ones - for example: posts and reposts on Twitter and Facebook)
For completed tasks, the participant receives points, which are multiplied by the rate depending on the number of subscribers in social networks and the quality of the content.
Then everything is simple: Pool for each campaign \ the number of points for all participants * the number of points for each participant.

Requirements for participants:
Participants will have to sign a declaration on decentralization, be registered on the forum, subscribe to all social networks of the project. In each campaign, a social media account must meet the requirements to earn points.

Joining and performing tasks
Registration of participants takes place in the corresponding forum thread in the form of a post with registration data and the name of the inviter. Also, a Google form is filled in with the entry of data into the table. Once every few days (this can be every three or five days), the participant posts a post in forum about the work done over the previous days with links and screenshots

Scam protection
Accounts on social networks must meet the requirements: registration date (presumably six months) and the number of subscribers (presumably 300 or more). Telegram accounts should be active in the form of meaningful comments in chat groups (which are easy to track).
Also, when publishing a report, participants will selectively need to attach screenshots that contain information (time, device type, icon design)
This is a good defense, considering that in the contests, people definitely made multi-accounts, explaining this in telegram chats, that this is not prohibited and on the basis of “why not, if I can do it.”
Campaign points for inviting to the bounty will only be awarded for active accounts.
New forum accounts can only join by specifying an inviter. Forum participants who have registered before the start of the campaign do not need to indicate an inviter. But the indication of the inviter is an additional point.

What tasks look like using the example of a Twitter campaign:


● 300 to 499 Followers: 1 stake
● 500 to 1000 Followers: 2 stakes
● 1000 - 5000 Followers: 3 stakes
● 5000 Followers: 4 stakes
If the post has at least 5 comments and 10 likes, then 1stakes

● Make 1-2 posts every day. Use information from official social networks and other information resources of the project (forum, wiki) and content created by community members. Your posts should have link on website and hashtags: # Freeton #blocchain, etc.
● Make 1-2 reposts every day. Use information from official social networks. Your posts should have link on website and hashtags: # Freeton #blocchain, etc.
● Make 1-2 comments per day in the official post.
● You must have at least 300 followers.

How to join

  1. Submit the registration here: (link to google form)
  2. :exclamation: Do tasks every day. Make report every 3-5 days in a “forum thread” , using this format:
    Twitter Profile:
    Follower Count:
    Tweet Links: 1, 2.
    Retweet Links: 1.2.
    Comment Links: 1, 2.


Using only contests for promotion, in which there are 50 participants and 20 winners (and it remains doubtful whether their contribution is valuable and effective, since many works win prizes due to the lack of quality works), it is impossible to conduct a good advertising campaign.
Agree, 50 not always well-aimed shots is not enough.

In this regard, holding a bounty from a project like Free Ton will attract more attention from the crypto community. This is a rather complex project for beginners (it’s not in vain that our community creates a whole manual, a free tone wiki), so we need members who join the platform earlier than others to understand the basic principles and capabilities of this blockchain. And it is by completing assignments, showing interest and understanding the principles that these participants will become supporters. A generous reward is motivation and distribution of coins among the community.
In this way, we will expand and strengthen our community. And new supporters will become the word of the Free Ton project.


Social network accounts are not necessarily 300 followers, I think least 100 - 150 at least. Everything else looks great.


Great idea. Unfortunately I can’t see any activity from the group.