Contest proposal : As I see this world ( Our world looks like our contemporary) / virtual exhibition - art contest

Contest proposal : As I see this world ( Our world looks like our contemporary) / virtual exhibition - art contest

Dates of the competition 1 - 28 February 2021,23:59 UTC ( about)

Voting cycle is 10 days

Rationale and description .

There are many interesting and peculiar competitions at Free TON. We can say that some of them are one of the brands of blockchain. Unfortunately, their popularization is slow due to the limitation of announcement roll-up. Some contests are used outside the blockchain, the theme used is very specific and thematic. It is very difficult for a large number of people who know little about cryptocurrency or programming at all to participate in such competitions, because they cannot show their abilities. Probably they don’t feel confident. And this part of the world’s population is a huge loss for the blockchain, by the way, a huge part. The idea is to demonstrate patronage and sponsorship on behalf of Fri Ton. By conducting an expanded advertising campaign for the competition, inviting all artists in the world to participate in it: famous and beginners, professional and hobbyists, young and experienced, we will give a huge number of people the opportunity to learn about the existence of the platform… Because most of the planet does not know at all about the existence of Free TON .

The whole contest is seen in three stages.

First stage / Preparation

Dates of the preparation 1-31 January 20121, 23:59 UTC ( about)

Create a large, small advertisement with an invitation to anyone who thinks they are talented or capable of painting, to participate in the " Our world looks like our contemporary " contest. For this purpose, the participant should choose to taste two works ( or three ?), make their pictures in jpg format (in a certain permission no more than 100 KB / is possible another format and permission?), register on the blockchain platform ( for this the competitor will be offered to sign the Declaration on Decentralization if it was not previously registered) and post photos of his works according to the established criterion:

  • The works from which the photos were taken were written directly by the competitor. The applicant’s application must have an identifiable contact, e-mail address, Telegram ID, or other direct contact information that can confirm that this contestant is the author of the work provided

  • The paintings shown should not be immoral or propaganda Works that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted Before the photographs of the paintings are presented to the general public, they will be visualized by the members of the jury/organizers. Here, I would like to involve the community members in the organizational process.

The organizational process consists of :

1)compilation of advertising for participation in the competition, placing it in all social sections such as Facebook, Twitter, Istagramm, VK, Telegram in both Russian and English, and in native for all sections ( e.g. language departments Telegram or WatsApp).

2)sending еmail invitations for artists’ associations in other countries such as Italy, England, Holland, China…

3)page preparation or creating a web-site where all photos of artistic works will be posted. It is necessary to think at once the conditions of the future voting. Reservation of 2 (or 3?) seats for placement of the photo is offered. Under each picture of the painting make two footnotes “like”. One footnote will be used by the general public, the second “like” will be reserved by the jury organizers. After the completion of the competition, the placement of photos, the second stage of the competition is taking place.

The second stage of the competition - Demonstration to the public.

Dates of the demonstration 1-28 February 20121, 23:59 UTC (about)

Carry out an extensive advertising program-invitation of all those wishing to visit the exhibition of free artists on Free TON (similar to the paragraph 1 of the organizational process), asking to place “like” under all the liked pictures. To visit the exhibition, everyone will be invited to sign the Declaration on Decentralization. Naturally, members already registered in the community do not need to do this. After a two-week demonstration of the exhibition, finish the contest and close the voting for the general public. Given 10 days to vote the organizers in the “like” cells reserved for them initially under all the displayed pictures. Count votes and choose a winner.

The winner is to propose to draw an essay about himself.


1 place … 15000 TON

2 place…10,000 TON

3rd place…5000 TON

4-10. … …1000 TON

Organizing process, jury .

In order to become a member of the jury, it is necessary to understand the writing of advertisements, translations, to have time and desire to promote these resources in social, to have initial skills in working with the Internet. There are 7 seats for the jury organizers, from the members of the community, who as an honorarium will share 10% of the total amount of all TON awarded to the winners of the exhibition-competition.

Some important prerequisites.

Each participant has the right to submit several works if they differ. If they are too similar or in any way appear to be partially the same work done twice, or if they appear to be one whole work divided into parts for the creation of several applications, the members of the jury shall have the right to reject such applications. If the participant wishes to submit an additional application in exchange for the previously published work, he shall inform the jury of this fact and indicate which work will be assessed. In this case, only the specified work is counted. Photos of works by other artists are not allowed. All photos will be identified with the catalog of famous works. Authors who allow themselves to give foreign works for their own will be removed from the competition.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or legal entities.

Third stage. Final .

After the competition and the selection of the winner, it is proposed to create an announcement-certificate about the exhibition, with publication of data about its holding, a brief essay about the artist, a photo of his works. Place this essay in all social areas where the announcement about the organization of the contest-exhibition was first published.


"The paintings shown should not be immoral… "
Обнаженная натура является аморальной?
Если по-вашему да, то это не конкурс художников.

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Я не писала об обнаженной натуре. Я имела ввиду , что не будут размещаться порнофотографии. конкурс будет рекламироваться везде, по возможности. Естественно. есть любители испортить хорошее дело. Порнография и обнаженная натура - ничего не имеют общего. Возможно. я не была точной в английском переводе. Надеюсь, вы поняли что я имела ввиду.


То есть эскизы с натурщиц разрешены. Превосходно.

Ждём крутые роботы.Только титьки немалюйте==))))Хотя…

Interested this proposal. This is an interesting niche where our TON can be shown to the world.

But you must understand that you need to do a lot of work with auction.

I support this idea and proposal.
Good luck.


Не плохая идея! Выбираем тематику ФриТон и Гоу Гоу Гоу! Можете и Покертон добавить) Всем удачи!

Interested this proposal