Contest: Free TON project news and educational websites

The idea behind this contest is not about “paying for creation” of website but to support on-going efforts of teams which run their projects. Likewise Oscar or Nobel Prize are not aiming “paying for creation” of a content.


Community needs teams which will develop their projects regardless of any contest, i.e. we need entrepreneurs but not “paid teams”.

Great idea to support existing media platforms as well as initiate the launch of other resources that can showcase projects at Free TON and highlight crucial community and development news.

I would like to offer some balance to the rewards and distribution model.

Please, refer to currently running contests - Contest proposal: Free TON wallet as a Chrome extension and Contest proposal: NFT marketplace. Total prize fund is 230K and 430K. While this contest is aiming at 279K total rewards fund. Assuming that 279K is a good prize pool for such an important contest, the dispersion of prizes is lacking balance and doesn’t encourage participants of 2nd to 5th place to try their best and conquer the first place of the pedestal.

Thus, I’d suggest to make the following corrections to the prize system:

1st place…………………………………………….90 000 TON

2nd place……………………………………………70 000 TON

3rd place…………………………………………….50 000 TON

4th place ……………………………………………30 000 TON

5th place………………………………………….…30 000 TON

All the winners should be having vesting of their prizes within the mentioned terms (min 2 articles a week during 3 months) what will encourage all teams to support their projects. Whether Stage #2 of such a contest happen, the community will see several active projects each of which offer their own view on covering news and projects at Free TON.

I might be wrong about the number of winning places (5 and not 10) but, in my humble opinion, 5 news sites will cover all the activities of the network in full.

A thing to point out is the type of materials – I support the idea by @teiwaz that it might be a ‘personal blog’ with interviews or some educational materials only. This might actually work and give extra variety to articles offered to the community. May be (may be) they should be also covering other projects as well with the comparison of pluses/minuses with Free TON – this can open a window of opportunity to attract supporters of other blockchain projects to Free TON.

As for the criteria, I’d suggest having a technical one – page load speed measured by PageSpeed Insights with score 50+ both for desktops and mobile. As for the content – the text quality should be a thing to be judged by the jury from content creating subgovs. The illustrations should be unique. Traffic criteria cannot be applied as organic traffic appears in several months from launch.


A little later, I will describe in detail the ideas for the contest.

Based on the discussion on the contest topic. I want to suggest it.


  1. Type of media resource: website;
  2. Language of publications: 2 or more. English is required, the second is optional;
  3. Number of publications: at least 30 (The minimum number of publications per language is 15. This means that the site can have 15 publications in English, 15 in Russian, and this will be considered 30 publications.)
  4. Those publications that have been made since the start of the contest are taken into account. Websites that have published articles before can participate, but on an equal footing with everyone - they must publish new material.
  5. Type of publications: reviews, guides, interviews, analytical articles; (At least two types of publication materials from these four must be present.)
  6. Connection with the Free TON ecosystem (links);
  7. The design is user-friendly. Adaptive on all mobile devices.

Evaluation criteria:

The maximum possible score is 10.

It consists of the following components.

2 points - The uniqueness of the website materials.

The total number of unique materials less than 50% - 1 point

The total number of unique materials is more than 51% - 2 points

2 points - Website design and illustrations / graphic content.

Design does not involve, attention does not cling to the picture - 1 point

The design engages, I want to click and read - 2 points

2 points - Materials about the Free TON ecosystem.

The number of materials about the Free TON ecosystem is less than 50% of the total - 1 point

The number of materials about the Free TON ecosystem is more than 51% of the total - 2 points

2 points - the technical component. Here I will support the idea that @MIchael_Kabanov suggested to take the Google Page Speed service as a basis.

Score 50 - both for desktops and mobile - 1 point

Score 51+ both for desktops and mobile - 2 points

2 points - this is the overall impression and opinion of the jury member.

Each member of the jury evaluates the overall quality of the work, the convenience of the interface, the quality of the articles, the speed of the website and adds from 0 to 2 points to the evaluation of the work.

The total is a maximum of 10 points. Which consists of clear components. Which can reduce the influence of the human factor, unfair judging, and so on to a minimum.

The prize pool:

I want to offer a compromise between the top 10 and the top 5. Based on the fact that previously created websites will take part in the competition. 7 places is an opportunity for new players to join the game.

1st place…………………………………………….72 000 TON (24k * 3 months)

2nd place……………………………………………60 000 TON (20k * 3)

3rd place…………………………………………….45 000 TON (15k * 3)

4th place ……………………………………………30 000 TON (10k * 3)

5th place………………………………………….…27 000 TON (9k * 3)

6th place ……………………………………………21 000 TON (7k * 3)

7th place………………………………………….…18 000 TON (6k * 3)

Total: 273k.

Payments are made every month. Condition:

  • The site continues to function;

  • The publication of materials continues. Frequency of publications: from 2 or more articles per week.

  • Each winner submits a monthly report on the work done in the contest topic to the forum.

In case of non-compliance, the payment is frozen until the conditions are met.


Here is what in my humble opinion is the right way to do this:

Contest: Regularly updated Free TON news and educational website

Type: contest

Contest dates: April 26, 2021 — May 26, 2021 (at 23:59 UTC).

Voting cycle: 10 days


The audience attracted by PR activities of Free TON should get into an information environment with a friendly interface and an understandable structured presentation of the project and related events.

Community needs media resources that systematize and systematically cover the progress of the project: review of contests and events, explanation of technological solutions, providing opinions of community active members and teams, creation user guides on new tools and services.

These should be high quality regularly updated websites that can offer relevant content for different types of audiences and help navigate the project ecosystem.

However, the creation and management of such websites is possible only if there are teams of specialists of various qualifications who are ready to carry out their activities in the long term.

Therefore, the contest is aimed at projects and teams that already have experience and can prove their ability not only to create, but also to maintain their product.

The goal

Support the ongoing efforts of teams implementing media projects and facilitate their further development in the form of web platforms covering the Free TON project in terms of news, analytics and education.


Publications that are already financed from the budgets of community sub-governances or through partnerships cannot participate in the contest.


The submission should contain a link to a web resource and a short presentation, including data on the following parameters:

  1. Language of publications: English is required, others optional;
  2. Number of publications: at least 50;
  3. Number of publications about Free TON project (at least ⅔ of all publications - specify the exact numbers);
  4. Uniqueness of publications (at least ⅔ of all publications - specify the exact numbers);
  5. Connection with the Free TON ecosystem (links);
  6. Unique design.

Evaluation criteria

Points are awarded based on the following quantitative and qualitative criteria:

  1. Number of publications related to Free TON:

1 point - 50-100 publications;

2 points - 101-200 publications;

3 points - 201-300 publications;

4 points - 300+

  1. Content quality:

1 point - relevance of information about Free TON community events and the project development;

1 point - complexity of publications (reviews, guides, analytical articles, interviews, podcasts, AMA & Meetup);

1 point - educational aspect of publications (help to master tools and services and understand technological solutions deeper);

1 point - structured information on the site.

  1. Design features (uniqueness, attractiveness): 1 point.

  2. Additional benefits: 1 point.


Prizes for 1-3 places are distributed between submissions with 7 points or more, prizes for 4-5 places between those with 6 points or more.

1st place………………………150,000 (50,000 + 50,000 + 50,000) TONs

2nd place………………………105,000 (35,000 + 35,000 + 35,000) TONs

3rd place……………………… 75,000 (25,000 + 25,000 + 25,000) TONs

4th place ………………………45,000 (15,000 + 15,000 + 15,000) TONs

5th place ………………………30,000 (10,000 + 10,000 + 10,000) TONs

Winners receive the prize in parts - 1/3 of the reward every month. The transfer is carried out if the following requirements are met:

  1. The site is functioning;
  2. The winners submitted a monthly activity report, in which they indicated their progress: an increase in the number of publications (at least 30) as well as improving or adding new elements of the site. These publications must meet the described contest criteria.

Jury rewards

The Jury Group will be rewarded with 5% of the total prize pool. Jury rewards are directly proportional to the number of votes, so if one juror votes less often and another more often, the reward is disseminated respectively. Only Jury Groups associated with Free TON content creation will be allowed to Judge.


Let’s clarify the number of publications in different languages. for example, 50 publications in Russian and 50 in English, does this count as 100 publications?

Or this situation - 50 publications in English, 50 in Russian, 50 in German, 50 in Italian. Does this count as 200 publications?

I propose to fix this in the description of the contest. So that there are no questions later.

What is included in such an assessment criterion as “Additional benefits” ?

And another very important point, will the publications made earlier or made from the start date of the contest be taken into account? 300 publications per month…

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Great proposal! Thank you

лучше брать качеством и охватом аудитории, а не количеством. имхо)

As I understand it, the purpose of the tender offer was to encourage independent teams to continue developing their projects, as well as to give teams who want to start their content projects an additional incentive to do so and get the opportunity to do so. At the same time, the contest makes it difficult for those individuals who create a project only for the contest without plans to continue supporting it to receive tokens.
The criteria are the number of publications with which the team enters the contest. We consider it wrong and unfair to intentionally reduce the value of competitive projects, since the value of the project in the ecosystem increases the value of the entire ecosystem. At the same time, the competition conditions allow teams that started their activity with 0 to enter the race. That is why there is a gradation of more than 300 publications.


I think that the publication of one article in different languages should be considered different articles, if it is not a Google translation:)

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The requirements include a minimum of 50 publications and 30 publications in the following months. It is clear that such work can not be done under the contest only, it will be a Pyrrhic victory. But if the goal is to create a project that is planned to be supported, then following the terms of the contest will only increase its value.
The term of this contest makes impossible creating fake projects, but can help those teams, who start projects already or plan to do it . I think there are many teams will be targeted to 4-5th places (it is also good help for start project) A situation in which there will be the 1st place and the 4th and 5th is possible enough.

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Отвечу на русском, для лучшего понимания. Поймите меня правильно, я ничего не имею против того, чтобы ваш проект получил поддержку от сообщества, и даже за. Freeton house проделал действительно крутую работу и продолжает делать. Но вы мне сами ответили, что публикуете в среднем 80 публикаций в месяц. Зачем устраивать театральное представление под видом конкурса с заведомо завышенными, я бы сказал неадекватными критериями входа для новых участников? 300 публикаций в месяц, для того чтобы получить хороший балл. 300 публикаций, это полных 4 месяца работы, но не один месяц.

Здравствуйте. Free TON House делает больше публикаций, если считать разные языки и разные формы материалов. Конечно мы будем участвовать. Отличные условия для всех команд которые делали и делают контент для Free TON.

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It will be impossible to read and judge all the articles when voting! That is why I suggest splitting the Contest to 1-week cycles. In addition, we could define a list of mandatory articles (for example 50%), the others - contestants will choose themselves.
Furthermore, creating 100+ articles per month requires a team, that excludes people who would like to participate alone. In my opinion, splitting the Contest is a good way, in that case someone can participate in 1 cycle and miss the next one.


The idea of ​​splitting a task into several smaller tasks looks good. If tasks are more distributed and sequential over time, the community can be more responsive and adapt to the results achieved. As with the competition, the Depr must be given a chance for maneuver and correction. Starting with smaller tasks and conditions, give a chance for beginners. Perhaps as the competition gets more complicated, someone will unite and create a good product. I think we need to split the competition into 6 months, starting with a smaller award and then increasing. Time and bug fixes are our best friends.


Позвольте уточнить один момент. Вы будете так же создавать новые публикации с начала старта конкурса 26.04.21 в объёме 300 публикаций за месяц его проведения, чтобы получить высокий балл по предложенным критериям. И вы считаете эти критерии отличными? Или вы войдете в конкурс с уже созданными ранее до конкурса публикациями, и они будут учитываться? Еще раз уточню, против вашей команды ничего не имею, вы сделали крутой объем работы. Но вот по конкурсу и тому результату на выходе который он даст, у меня вопросы.


Пять подобных новостных сайтов за 405 000 TONs. Это действительно необходимо? И 300 публикаций в месяц для начинающих за высокий балл - это перебор.

Сколько публикаций сделали в общей сложности партнеры Free TON в сфере медиа за весь период партнерства? Было бы лучше, если бы их так напрягали условиями и критериями.

Five similar news sites for 405,000 TONs. Is this really necessary? And about 300 publications a month for beginners for a high score, this is too much.

How many publications did Free TON’s media partners make in total over the entire period of the partnership? It would be better if they were so strained by conditions and criteria.

  1. The winners submitted a monthly activity report, in which they indicated their progress : an increase in the number of publications (at least 30) as well as improving or adding new elements of the site. These publications must meet the described contest criteria.

В условиях нет требований создавать 300 публикаций в месяц. Но даже для того, чтобы выпускать 30 хороших статей необходима команда и организация. Именно поэтому этот конкурс для команд, решивших или решающих вести проект во Free TON.

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