Contest for promoting Free TON in Readcash community


This campaign can bring up to +1000 new active members of the free TON project in a very short period, from the Readcash community.

Contest type:

Sponsorship. Sponsoring 30 TOP members of Readcash by displaying free TON banner on each of their accounts and articles in 4 weeks.


What is Readcash? Readcash is a new community that pays its members in BCH for writing articles. It’s a good community because it grows every day and there are large companies that promote their services in Readcash and they pay some rewards.

Current statistics:

  • +38,000 members
  • +1500 daily active members
  • +150 new users every day
  • +700 daily articles

It’s a really growing community!

How Can we promote free TON in Readcash?

Via Sponsorship. Many forums have signature campaigns but there are Sponsorships in Readcash, you sponsor some number of members by attaching your banner (200 x 90) and a link for your site, your banner will be visible at the top of their profiles, on top of each of their articles, and at the bottom!

There are many sites already sponsoring a lot of members, companies like Binance, Bitpay, Paxful, Okex, Publish0x, BCHgames, and etc. I am among the top 50 tippers in Readcash (with a special honor badge in my profile) so I have a good experience with how this works. So I am ready to manage this contest if I will be needed.


The total amount needed for this campaign is 10,00 TON Crystals

1. Sponsorship Payments (Readcash wallet):

We will have to pay for the sponsorship first to be able to place the banner on participant’s accounts (according to Readcash rules). So we will do this, each member who will be selected to participate in this campaign will be sponsored $4 until the end of the campaign (4 weeks “$1 per week”) and then we will place TON Crystal banner on their accounts. With only $4 per month in sponsorships “per participant”, TON Crystal banner will appear first on each participant’s accounts and their articles.

  • $4 x 30 members = $120 → Until the end of the campaign

Please Note:

We pay $4 for the sponsorship per participant (once) so that we can be able to place free TON banner on their accounts, regular payments for the campaign will still be paid weekly.

2. Campaign payments (TON surf wallet): 6000 TON Crystals

I will choose 30 top members which are active, to participate in this campaign, we will deal with members who have at least +100 subscribers “many members have around 50 - 250 subscribers”. We will only need a few TON Crystals for this campaign because this community is still growing, but the results will be good.

  • +100 subscribers: 50 TON Per week → 15 members = 2,400 TON Crystal per 4 weeks
  • +300 subscribers: 70 TON per week → 15 members = 3,600 TON Crystal per 4 weeks
  • Total campaign payments for 30 participants in 4 weeks = 6,000 TON Crystals.

Remained amount: 4000 TON Crystals

  1. 1500 TON crystals to promote 5 articles from the beginning to ending of the campaign (Readcash boosting articles).
  2. 2000 for a writing contest about the free TON project (the most leading contests in Readcash is writing articles). 100 best articles (20 TON per winner) this contest will be announced on the second day after the campaign started, the participants will have one week to review the free TON project and another one week to write their articles. So everyone who will participate will already know much about the TON project. All articles will be submitted on Free TON community on READCASH “already created” so it would be easy to review them.
  3. 150 TON crystals will be converted to BCH so that we can deposit that amount in Readcash to pay for the sponsorship to the participants.
  4. 350 TON crystals will remain as an emergency balance, in case any members will request the sponsorship or any extra small giveaway.


We can get new active members up to +1000 by this campaign, it’s a small number of members, but it’s better to have a few members who are ACTIVE, rather than having millions of members but NOT ACTIVE.

  • 4 weeks campaign for 30 members, total cost = 6,000 TON Crystals
  • Writing contest for +100 participants, cost = 2000 TON Crystals
  • Promoting 5 articles for the TON project on Readcash, cost = 1500 TON Crystals
  • 30 members sponsorship for a full month, cost = 150 TON Crystals
  • Other costs = 350 TON Crystals
  • Total costs = 10,000 TON Crystals.


Readcash members are writing +700 articles every day, and the best article must have at least 3 minutes of reading (+600 words). So according to this rule, all campaign participants will have to write not less than 7 articles per week “1 article every day” other rules will be the same:

  • Must join free TON telegram channels/groups
  • Must follow free TON on Twitter
  • Must write at least 5 posts (per week) in the free TON community
  • Must create a TON surf wallets for payments
  • Must post a welcome message on free TON thread about Readcash campaign
  • And etc.

I will create a google form and a spreadsheet for this campaign, I can also manage it if accepted and allowed.

Sponsorship banner - TON Crystal.

I will create the sponsorship banner for free (200x90) if you will allow me, just background color, free TON logo, and brand name. We will attach TON community link in that banner, so every member who clicks will be linked to this community quickly.

We can start with only 30 participants and see the results! I hope everything will work perfectly because I have a good experience with Readcash sponsorships and writing contests.

Anyone’s opinions are welcomed!

Thank you so much!