Contest For Content Creations

Short Description
This is a content creation in which participants will create contents that will promote and also bring publicity to the Free TON platform. It will be held at (a unique platform for holding such contests) open to everyone. It will consist of various tasks that will help publicize the Free TON platform.


Hundreds/thousands of content creators creating different content that brings more awareness to the Free TON platform. Also, it will attract new users and investors to the community.

Contest Period
2 days after the contest has been approved - 1 month later.
i.e If the contest gets approved on 8th Dec 2020, it will run till 9th Jan 2021.
A countdown clock will be boldly shown on the contest page.

All participants in the contest will perform the same tasks.
For every task done, participants receive some points which can help them rank up.
Whereas some other points are given based on how well the participant did the task. (example, points for video creation will be given based on the quality, number of views, likes, etc).
Tasks will include:

  • Following Free TON on all social media platforms available.
  • Making a meme about Free TON.
  • Writing a detailed article about Free TON (at least 500 words)
  • Making a video about Free TON (at least 2 minute video)
  • And some other effective tasks.

1 month after the start date. A countdown clock will be boldly shown on the contest page.


  • Each participant will sign up for the contest on the site where it is hosted, and the contest manager from the backend can confirm the number of participants involved and ensure that they are humans.
  • Each partcipant of the contest will also be required to join the Free TON forum.
  • Each participant will follow up Free TON on all social media platform where possible
  • Each participant will have to create individual content about Free TON. This content includes; Article writing, Video creation, Meme creation, etc.

Estimated Budget
The total number of participants is limitless as only those between 1 - 100 will be rewarded.
1st - 6,000 TON
2nd - 4,000 TON
3rd - 2,000 TON
(4th - 10th) - 850 TON
(11th - 20th) - 650 TON
(21th - 50th) - 450 TON
(51th - 100th) - 250 TON
10 Random participants from (100th - Nth) - 100 TON
Contest management - 3000 TON (Considering that this will be big, people will be employed to crosscheck all submissions from participants.)

Total ≈ 49,950 TON.
Notice: 1% of the total budget will be needed before the contest begins in order to set things up (payment to the site where the contest will be hosted, etc).


This is a screenshot of how the contest page looks like

Anyone can participate in the contest, but Free TON does not distribute TONs to US citizens/entities.


What you suppose to do with content already taken part in previous contests in order to prevent double-rewarding?


The content must be published within the time frame of when the contest begins. If anyone is found trying to cheat, that participant will be removed and all of points will be lost. On the contest, there are warnings against such behaviours.


I would write it in red letters under proposal requirements, that only new, unique and exclusive content is allowed to participate, which had never appeared before. However that seems to be a hard task for judges to filter out all cheaters.


You have a good point. However, contents will be checked for plagiarism. And any one found plagiarizing will be removed entirely.


I have blogspot and a youtube channel with 200 subscribers. can I join?

It’s too early to join - this is only a proposal and must be approved if the jury members like it.


I don’t understand: do you want to hold a competition on some left-wing online platform?
What for? Strongly against.

Hello there @nik009rus, the platform is created to host contests like this, and this isn’t the first contest. I can do without the platform but that’ll too hectic for me and the judges. It’s just like YouTube is made for posting videos and I’m choosing to rather publish a video on YouTube. So, what’s the concern with the platform?

the most important thing is a transparency, what is the transparency on third-party platforms is unknown to me

It is absolutely transparent. As simple as paying Netflix to see movies. So, it isn’t a need for worry.

I personally haven’t heard about this platform ever. So how does it work exactly? How is it better then hosting the competition in reddit or even posting our work in this forum?

It’s just like using google forms to fill in the links to your contest. However, this is more automated. Some task will require automatic points while some will need to be cross checked. A good example why I choose the platform is this; for a task like following Free TON on twitter, once you submit your username, the judges won’t have to check it their selves as the site will automatically verify if you actually followed Free TON on twitter. And if you did, you will receive your points. But then, there are some tasks like the content creation part where real judges need to crosscheck. That’s why they’ll also be judges too. I hope I answered your question.

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