Contest: Country Ambassadors for Free TON [Nikita Knyazev]

My idea: promotion of Free TON to masses through the channels @gramkit_ton and @gramkit_ton_en My team and I try to give an information about the platform, its technical feature, updates with plain language. This approach can help to attract not only people who already know a lot about blockchain, but for people, who start to learn about Free TON. In other words, we make an information available for everyone, that can enlarge the target audience.

What has been done? We have two channels (in English — @gramkit_ton_en and in Russian), which consists of news, related to Free TON, theory, also we organise quizzes, which contribute to memory of material. We bought ads for this channels (and we are continuing it), also we look for new ways of attraction of traffic to the channel outside Telegram.

What is in our plans? Firstly, we want to make our channels better, diversify the content, add an interactive action, it will be interesting for subscribers. Secondly, we want to open a cryptocurrency exchange, where TON Crystals will be haggled. Thirdly, we plan to engage in development of services, uniting Free TON and Telegram.