Contest: Airdrop Mechanics 2.0

I believe that coins should be distributed for help in development.

To be more precise you have code on github

Anyone who writes about an error or makes edits to the code should get an Airdrop
even if a person decided to just help and write a little documentation they should get Airdrop

If you think this is a good idea, put likes, of course any good ideas should cost Airdrop

A person should get Airdrop for the result and not just like that.

although you can also give away free TON just like that, but usually such coins are immediately sold.


Do you mean proof of work FREETON only for coders and tech-skils people? And after reward they will use it to buy stuff from each other or they will sell it to me and other non tech guys ?

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it greatly limits the circle of persons

And the air drop, this a quote, Motivation: is Growing the community is essential and Must be fair, just, transparent, and creative.
So it seems kind of unfair and it will reduce the community of those who will get the coins-tokens.

I’m not talking about restricting other airdrops
this is just another airdrop method for programmers

Airdrop should have different levels.

Level 1 aidrop - This airdrop is for share and refer, this include those person that just want to refer spread the news about TON. To onboard people on telegram, twitter,facebook and other social media.

Level 2 airdrop - Much more higher to the level 1 this include participation on TON doing some task given to the community like doing articles, GIF, memes,

Level3 airdrop - Technical skills like bug bounty hunting, participation in validators

level4 airdrop - Community Admin ( you create a private for the community admin that will handle the local group like russian,japanese,spanish, ) they are the one who will build solid community support for each country. They will group all the people collected from the level 1

This is just an example.


Да трудный выбор,а если поровну,часть,а другую за задания

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