Competition offer Free TON on web platform

Short description:

Development of a platform with the " TON " currency and a list of all possible exchangers, creation of trading platforms inside the platform with a personal showcase and a specified city with the ability to add comments to the purchased product



Contest entry Period:

The deadline for submission of applications for participation in the competition: November 10, 12:00 UTC - December 5, 24:00 UTC


Give a chance to absolutely everyone, open your own store with your own individual design and product

General requirements:

Come up with a plotform name and logo. Writing language: preferably js php
Design: Simple


1st Prize … 100,000 tonnes
2nd Prize … … 80,000 tons
3rd prize … 60,000 tons
4th prize … . … 40,000 tons

Jury Prize:

Jury members who vote … 5% of the total total number of tokens awarded and distributed among the winners. Disclaimer: Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute tons to American citizens and organizations.

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Why do we need to write an entire platform instead of creating universal libraries for different existing platforms? It is just necessary to accept TON Crystals as a payment mean.
Imagine you have a grocery store. Customers want you to be able to accept bank cards. You need just to get a card terminal and integrate it to a POS (cash register). You don`t need to relocate to another building or to buy new ERP software or trade equipment.

I’m sorry but I’m from Russia so I don’t make the transfer correctly just an idea to develop an exchange to create online stores in the interior of a trading platform with a personal currency

I will definitely reformulate the description