Community referral contest

I am proposing for freeton telegram community channel referral contest. This is to build the community channel from 3.5k to at least 20k. The person who have the highest referrers wins the contest then runner up follow by the second runner up.
1st prize- 10000ton
2nd prize - 8000ton
3rd prize- 5000ton
I have participated in such kind of contest before where I came out among the best three. That will help in building up freeton community. A pin message should be set up regarding the contest those who join the community and are aware of the competition will key in immediately.

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That bullshit does not interest anyone and will not help Ton in any way. It’s only for selfish interests.

It will help freeton through network effect. Those persons you add to the community are those who probably haven’t heard anything about freeton, those persons will help to tell someone else about freeton in that way community is build. May be you are not seeing what I am seeing.

Such proposal had been already raised in Telegram groups and been rejected because we don’t need just quantity , we also need a quality - alive active people who can bring a real benefit to the Community.