Comment field bug in the TON Desktop wallet, do not lose your money!

Hello, dear members of the FreeTON community. We found an unpleasant bug in the work of TON Desktop wallet from Broxus:

when specifying the Comment field in a transaction to send funds, the first 3 characters of the comment are removed. The bug may not show up if the comment is less than 6 characters long.

Mechanics of the bug:

  1. you specify a comment for the transaction:
  2. if you look through the history of transactions in the wallet itself, the comment is always correct there
  3. if you look up this transaction already in the explorer, you will find that the first 3 characters are missing in the comment body:

Many exchanges (like and Kuna) did use comment field when you deposit funds to your account balance.

We unfortunately had frozen our funds in this way for an undefined period, and if Kuna already quickly resolved the problem, is silent and does not respond to emails for almost a week.

Be careful when managing cryptocurrencies!


Issue created:

Bug was fixed: :point_left:

Update TON desktop wallet for newset version