Bots Club Partnership Proposal for FreeTON

Back to the roots

Hello, guys! Dmitry is here.

We at Bots Club are looking attentively at what is going on at FreeTON and find this project fascinating. After several mind-blowing brainstorms with my team, I decided to write this paper about how we can be helpful to the project and how FreeTON can help us accelerate.

If you don’t have too much time to read, scroll down directly to the proposal.

For all the rest, take a seat and let me begin. It will take you a couple of minutes to read.

In the beginning, there was Telegram

I adore Telegram.

It is my primary messenger despite all difficulties we had with accessing it in Russia. I love its approach to bringing people’s communication to a new level: you have private or public chats to say, channels to read, and bots to enrich the experience.

My team has spent countless hours in Telegram, communicating, studying, and building products on it.

One day, a few months ago, a new idea was born. If you have an iPhone, you go to the App Store for apps. If you are an Android fan, Google Play is there for you. But what’s about four hundred million Telegram users? Where do they get their Telegram applications?

Having dug even deeper, we discovered that most of the people don’t even know about the fascinating world of Telegram chat-bots. They are afraid, mistrustful, and cautious about this new generation of apps.

“Okay,” - said we, - “There should definitely be someone who has solved this pain already”.

After brief research, we have found a couple of dozens of catalogs which are catalogs indeed instead of fully-functional app stores.

That’s where Bots Club began:

  • We have started talking to people and learned their pains.
  • We have run data crawlers that were looking for bots mentions across the web.
  • We have launched an MVP that is visited by hundreds of people already and created a new sexy design that will be convenient and pleasant to our users’ eyes.
  • We talked to bots’ developers and all of them treated the product very warm.
  • We are creating tools that will facilitate communication between you and bots’ owners without ruining anyone’s privacy.

For us, the quality of our chatbots base is crucial, so we moderate each bot manually before we publish it, because we know that you, our users, will appreciate it.

But that’s where we need community help and a good point to reach FreeTON objectives at the same time.

Some theory in the middle

Look at this figure below. It is not complex and explains a lot about how we tackle our user’s pains.

  1. People come to entertain and find crucial information that will relieve the stress they have about chatbots
  2. Developers come to find professional tools that will help them acquire clients better
  3. Both meet on neutral territory (Bots club) to discuss, say thanks, or get help with a problem

In the end, we help to grow the whole Telegram ecosystem, where people find anything they need in one place, interconnect, and create social value.

But this is not a game of one man, it is a coordinated effort of many-many community members, who are investing their time to make the world better. And these efforts deserve to be rewarded.

Our offer and why it is good for FreeTON

We have attended all and any FreeTON streams and learned a lot from there.

FreeTON created a precedent with launching a blockchain without initial distribution of tokens to investors, as there are no investors. But now to boost the growth and its usage, you need to distribute tokens to the community to fill the system with liquidity.

At the same time, there is no sense in just giving away tokens, as they will be picked up by bots and accumulated in a few pockets. Instead, there were a lot of brilliant ideas by community members on how to give TON Crystals away for a reason, be it education or reward of the most active members.

We offer to combine efforts and help each other, and that’s our commitment.

We will acknowledge chatbot developers for their tremendous work for:

  • verifying bots ownership
  • active answers to community questions
  • maintaining their page and providing useful information to users
  • applying efforts to keep their product rated high
  • learning how FreeTON can help their products
  • implementing a due connection with our monitoring API (that will give the transparent picture to the community)
  • integration of FreeTON products and services

We will reward community members for:

  • finding and publishing chatbots in our store
  • validating the quality of the content and improving it
  • help with bots moderation and validation of content submissions by other members
  • learning more about FreeTON and its value at a special page

We will accept TON Crystals as a mean of payment for our professional services.

We will help chatbot developers to start accepting TON Crystals as well by integrating payment systems like TON Surf or Broxus into our marketplace.

All of these will help FreeTON to build a better understanding among the community and efficiently distribute the necessary amount of tokens, and that’s the time to discuss an allocation.

We have made some calculations and find these figures fair enough to discuss with you:

  • Developers motivation:
    • 10 TONs per activity, up to 1,000 TONs per member per year
    • Up to 1k active developers
    • 1,000,000 TONs in total
  • Community airdrop:
    • 5 TONs per activity, up to 500 TONs per member per year
    • Quarterly contests and rankings with prizes in TONs - up to 50k TONs per each
    • Up to 10k active members
    • 500,000 TONs in total
  • Bots Club efforts:
    • Integration, marketing, education about FreeTON, developers and users support
    • Initial tokens request: 200,000 TON
    • Additional tokens based on KPI: 10% of the tokens distributed to developers and users

For sure, all of these rewards and motivations granted to specific users and developers will be published and available on the Bots Club website and FreeTON forum.

All of the provided figures can be easily scaled in case of need and growth of Bots Club popularity. The current estimation is done for a calendar year up to mid-2021.

You see these words now, and it means you have managed through this long read. I appreciate this a lot and will be grateful to hear your feedback, be it objections or words of motivation.

Cheers and have a nice day!




Thank you for this proposal.

Could you please elaborate how developers motivation works, what “activity” means?
What users shall do to get 5 TONs - same question what “activity” means?


Hello! For better communication, it will probably be easier to arrange an AMA session.



Thank you for your questions!

Of course, for instance:

Action Reward Balance (inactive) Balance (active)
Add bot to the catalog and verify it 10 :gem: 10 :gem: 0 :gem:
Fill the bot page with information 10 :gem: 20 :gem: 0 :gem:
Answer first 10 user comments 10 :gem: 30 :gem: 0 :gem:
Watch the video about FreeTON
(unlock inactive balance)
10 :gem: 0 :gem: 100 :gem:

Same thing here:

Action Reward Balance (inactive) Balance (active)
Add the bot to the catalog, bot passes moderation 10 :gem: 10 :gem: 0 :gem:
Propose improvement for bot’s content, proposal approved 10 :gem: 10 :gem: 0 :gem:
Report inappropriate comment/bot 10 :gem: 10 :gem: 0 :gem:
Watch the video about FreeTON
(unlock inactive balance)
10 :gem: 0 :gem: 100 :gem:

The full gamification system is in progress, and that’s why we deliberately cap the total reward per user/developer to avoid overspending. However, all the comments and suggestions are more than welcome - we listen to them and take’em into account.


Thanks for an explanation, but these rewards refers only to activity in Bots Club, not in Free TON.

I believe that TONs shall be allocated to users who actively using partner’s product as well as using different products based on Free TON (payments in TONs, loyalty programs based on Free TON, governance processes within partner’s product , etc.) - all of these will bring some Free TON adoption.


Thank you and fully agree with you - it should be beneficial both for FreeTON and Bots Club.

And that’s why we are planning to support FreeTON services at our marketplace that’s currently in development. We also plan to educate developers and facilitate their connection to the FreeTON.


Excellent product, I wish you success, it is very nice that there are people who popularize chat bots. I’m sure it will bring a lot of benefits to TON Crystal


Thank you, we do our best :hugs:

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I believe you should elaborate more on this, because now it is not clear how Free TON community will benefit from such partnership.


My view is that motivation figures are too high. Please note that Free TON goal is to build 1 billion+ users ecosystem, which brings per user figure down to 3-4 TONs. It is not clear why Free TON should support your business development at higher rates.

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Thanks, I have discussed it with several people and now work on improving the proposal!

Thank you, Pavel, I am now adjusting all the KPIs and partnership proposal in accordance with new guidelines.

1 month. No adjustments. I think we’re good now. Please return when you have something more defined. We look forward to it.

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Thank you and completely agree with you - it should be beneficial for both FreeTON and Bots Club.

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Regarding the activity section, there are some questions, I do not quite understand the accrual scheme, but it’s probably just for me

I agree with you I think it will be useful for FreeTON

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Привет! Все прикольно. Большое спасибо за это предложение.

Hello! What is written should be good for bots club and freeton!

This is a very cool idea. A lot of people use chatbots in telegram. I think this topic will be relevant

It is just another one project that affiliated with initials.
This is a 5 min investigation. Can I participate in the DeAnalytics A&S SG contest?

Hey, Vladislav, CEO of Broxus! @cryonyx
Tell us something about the project. Stop being in the shadows!