BlockchainGameStudio / FreeTON partnership proposal

BlockchainGameStudio / FreeTON partnership proposal

1.Detailed information about us
BlockchainGameStudio - Studio founded in 2019. We are engaged in connecting games and software products to the Blockchain: Minter, Etherium (USDT), TRX (TRC10, TRC20). Since March 2020, we have started designing and developing the first 3D Shooter that will fully function on the blockchain.

2. Description of the game
The game is a battle in the Arena. They will pass on the principle of 1x1, 2x2 and 4x4. Before the battle, players or teams of players pay a battle fee. The winner of the battle gets the pot, the loser goes to train further.
Also, the game will have a view of the battle, when other participants can watch the battle of rivals.
In addition to classic battles, there will be a championship where the winner will receive a jackpot
in the form of a prize fund.

Players will have access to a game store in which they can purchase useful items and thus increase their chances of winning. Part of the funds collected from the sale of items goes to the championship prize fund.
The main task performed by the Blockchain is to record the completed actions that cannot be changed. What is written in the Blockchain remains there. It is almost impossible to forge such records, and this provides great opportunities for using Blockchain in any industry. Each game account will be unique and will keep a record of its creation.
The security system of the game will be built in such a way that only the legitimate owner of the account will be able to log into his account.
In the mobile version of the game, this will be implemented via a fingerprint.

The creation of in-game items will be recorded in the Blockchain, the random drop of in-game artifacts will also be implemented using the Blockchain.
The Blockchain will record the results of past battles. Trading cards will be created based on this data. Cards can be transferred, sold, changed. The cards will be unique. Holders of certain combinations of cards will participate in lottery draws and will be able to compete for cash prizes. We will not bypass the system of rewarding players for participating in battles and watching battles in real time.
Such a system will attract the maximum attention of players to tournaments.

2.1 Interoperability of blockchains through smart contracts
Several screenshots of the development of a location to improve weapons

In this video, we have created a location for the Minter blockchain. A similar location will be created for FreeTON. Interaction between blockchains will take place through smart contracts. That is, if you want to sell an item obtained in the game to a person using the Minter blockchain, then you can do this through smart contracts. The man from the minter will pay in his own coin, and you will receive with yours and vice versa.

3. Advantages of cooperation between BlockchainGameStudio and FreeTON.
We offer the first and only exclusive game project of its kind that will work on different blockchains, including FreeTON, interaction between blockchains will take place using smart contracts and atomic swap, thereby attracting a large audience of people from both the cryptoindustry and external gaming platforms and game broadcasts (Twich, YouTube).

4. Terms of project implementation.
Time of the game project implementation by stages:

  1. Coder’s work on game mechanics. The alpha version of the product will be launched until December 31, 2020. In the game, it will already be possible to go to the server, test characters, locations, shooting mechanics, battles, changing weapons.
  2. Integration. Connecting personal cabinets, accounts to Blockchain FreeTON, writing scripts for event handlers on Blockchain. The implementation period is 3 months.
  3. Tournament mechanics. Term 3 weeks
  4. Creation of a game store (weapons, armor, game skins, artifacts). Term 1 month
  5. Creation of a mobile game application for smartphones. Term 1.5 months
  6. Open beta testing of the game. Term 2 weeks
  7. Marketing (also advertising on game broadcasts Twich, YouTube).
  8. Official release

5. TON Crystal Query Stages
Stage 4.1) 3,000 TON
Stage 4.2) 40,000 TON
Stage 4.3) 7,000 TON prize funds inclusive
Stage 4.4) 2,000 TON
Stage 4.5) 30,000 TON
Stage 4.7) 18 000 TON
The total amount of the project is 100,000 TON

Our wallet Free TON: 0: f31284fd80523cac82e92039850b4babfacb89fc1ddac3e43c7348f3672702d9
TON Crystal tokens will not be distributed to US citizens.


very cool idea, I would love to play this game


The development process is progressing well, as there are blockchain integration in the games. I think it is great to use blockchain technology to develop the game and achieve the set goal.


We think so too. An interesting idea is the integration of a 3D shooter with a blockchain, where it will be possible to organize tournaments for players with prize money. Where everything will depend only on the level of the player’s play, it’s super. This will attract a lot of people from both the gaming world and other blockchains.
And the style of locations that will be made in the same way for FreeTON will make the blockchain recognizable and will always be visible.


It’s a good idea, I’m looking forward to it👍


Do you have MVP of your game?


Hello, In the video following the link in the post, you can see the initial game location, then on the screenshots you can see how the room is being created in which the weapon will be improved. We can provide access by uploading this package to the cloud. But it may not work correctly for everyone. After payment to the coder, game mechanics will be developed and by December 31, players will be able to log into the server, see all locations including the arena, try all the basic mechanics and shoot each other. :wink:


It seems a very good game proposal partnership and I like the idea in implemented a Blockchain on it, also using smart contract as way to sell all items obtained in the game will be superb and attractive, with this strategy will encourage many people participating in the game.


Hi! Can you share your metrics? How many users? Monthly visitors?


Hello! The game is under development, the game is being tested with the launch of the alpha version (December 31). Daily online will be at least 300 users per day, there are many who want to sign up for the first tests of the game. The game will also be regularly mentioned on the radio in MinterFM on Minter blockchains, their radio coverage is from 1500 people a day, this will give many new users from other blockchains and the game will be constantly heard. The monthly visitors will be over 100,000 players. And due to the broadcast of our game by streamers on the Twich platform, there will be a constant flow of players who will use the FreeTON blockchain.The battle between blockchains and players for rewards in the form of TON crystals (and other blockchain coins), which the players themselves put before the battle, will add special interest for all 3D shooter players and a constant influx of new players.


We have modeled the TON crystal for the starting location of the players, then it will be processed with textures, animations and added to the game engine in the starting location dedicated to FreeTON, as well as the logos of the FreeTON blockchain.


Super!!! I want play this game


In addition to the starting location dedicated to FreeTON, a whole ARENA for FreeTON will also be created, since the game will have several types of arenas, FreeTON will have its own. Plus, in addition to the game locations themselves, separate skins (appearance) of characters and weapons with the FreeTON logo will be made for FreeTON teams, this will give a clear understanding of which team the player is playing for and thereby give additional recognition to the FreeTON blockchain!


We would like to present you a prototype of a game skin for FreeTON, it will only be for the FreeTON blockchain and everyone who will be in the team for FreeTON will have this skin :gem: :gem: :gem: :boom: :boom:.


Today we will tell you how the game will be promoted.

  1. We have held preliminary negotiations on the dissemination of information about the game in the media. Radio, YouTube channels, told the players involved in streaming about the game. We got good marks and got the support of the players.
  2. On a monthly basis, sponsored tournaments will be held in the game, a victory in a tournament, financial prizes are guaranteed, which will be protected by a smart contract. If the team of players wins, then the prize amount will be automatically credited to it according to the smart contract.
  3. Advertising will be given monthly on YouTube channels and Twich.

Good idea,cool game.


Good one. But the cooperation should be discussed on a much later stage - at this point there is no much to intergrate into.

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Played it? At what level now? Have you pumped the statue?

Good offer, I will wait) Add Durov to the characters :smiley:


Вы запрашиваете 113k $ в TON Crystals на разработку игры, аналогов которой существуют тысячи.

Предлагаю упрощенный вариант:


  1. Скачать готовый RPG-сервер.

  2. The total amount is 10 TON Crystals.

  3. Конвертация по следующему курсу:
    (1 000 000$ GTA = 1 TON Crystal).

  4. Придумать любые правила игры.
    GTA V Online - аналогично.

Та же система подойдет для других Online игр.

В чем ПРИНЦИПИАЛЬНЫЕ отличия Вашей разработки от аналогов, кроме интеграции криптовалюты?