Block72 partnership proposal to Free TON


Block72 is a global consulting firm specializing in blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Our team is led by senior management coming from top investment banks and management consulting firms including McKinsey & Company, Ernst & Young, PWC, etc. We are strategically located in three key blockchain/crypto markets – U.S., China, and Korea.

By selecting Block72, you gain a partner who:

  • Has worked with more than 50 top blockchain projects including many in the top 100 including Algorand, Hashgraph, Decentraland, Theta, Basic Attention Token, Celo, etc.

  • Has successfully run community management, Public Relations, and marketing for multiple blockchain projects

  • Has long-lasting partnerships with 200+ media channels such as JingSe (CH), BiShiJie (CH), ChainNews (CH), CoinTime (KR), Hankyung (KR), and many others

  • Has built an extensive network of Influencers and KOLs across the Asia region

  • Has access to resources from top tier token funds such as GBIC, FBG Capital

  • Is a global thought partner who has strong presence in China, US, and Korea

  • Has a holistic view about the blockchain industry and understands the goals, needs and challenges of today’s cryptocurrency markets

Block72 provides a comprehensive solution to help enter the target regional market effectively. Overview of strategy include:

  • Create different forms of content including articles, memos, videos, etc.

  • Distribute content in different forms of channels

  • Search engine optimization and FAQ discussion

  • Foster organic discussions through community management

  • Build campaigns for paid advertising on social media platforms

  • Share best practices of local economic and social landscape

  • Investigate rebranding opportunity in the local market if needed

Below are the major Scope of Work included in our China and Korea proposal:

  • Comprehensive Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Community Management

Comprehensive Marketing

Campaign and Content

  • Prepare case studies for your project before launching marketing campaign, including competitive analysis, market research and business model verification

  • Create content and distribute in all forms of media platforms

  • Graphic design: create memes: very visual and humoristic images that explain the value of the clients

  • Build social media editorial calendar, target influencer accounts contact sheet

  • Search engine management via Mainstream Media Blast, FAQ to be posted on key platforms in China and Korea regions

  • Foster organic discussions to generate sophisticated interest

  • Utilize paid advertising on social media platforms / build campaigns, contests, and promotions

  • Educate customer project on local economic and social landscape

Investigate rebranding opportunity and logo update

Influencer Marketing

  • Utilize Block72 KOLs to create content and intro project to different groups

  • Give allocation to strategic groups that’d help promote the project

  • Generate boost in all paid telegrams, private investment groups, and syndicates

Public Relations

Our team will conduct an assessment with the following topics and jointly develop a PR strategy:

  • Target Media

  • Key Messaging

  • Content Ideas

  • Communication Plan

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Benchmarking

  • PR Rollout Strategy

  • Press Toolkit

  • Interview Prep

Block72 provides professional services for Public Relation management that cover the following key areas:

Press releases and article pitches

  • Prepare a story pitch and target specific media outlets to maximize coverage

  • Arrange embargoed media coverage at selected Top tier mainstream publications Hankyung (KR), MK (KR), News1 (KR) etc,. )

  • Shop the story (including background story, inception story, and warm up story ) and select most enthusiastic outlet

  • Second Tier Blockchain Outlets CoinTime (KR), Tokenpost (KR), Blockinpress(KR), etc,.)

  • Story exclusives for First Tier Outlets


  • With our research done in phase 1, we have an extensive network of highly relevant blogs. Medium (US), Cobak (KR), Coinpan (KR), Bitman(KR) etc,.

  • With articles published that are directly related to your company, we create a discussion with readers on each article for ongoing exposure.

Translation Service

  • Translate the articles and websites

  • Translate the relevant FAQs

  • Subtitles for promotion videos

  • Translations are proofread for accuracy

Influencer Relationship

  • Build a long-term relationship with specific influencers, who are respected by your community and watched closely by investors

  • Use their influence to promote your project through review videos, interviews, AMA and etc.


  • Arrange video/written interviews to promote the business concept or technology insight for your projects

  • Market the key C level staff on achievements to promote the projects

  • Contact media and organize interviews before the scheduled trade events

Guest appearances

  • Securing and facilitating guest speaking opportunities at various cryptocurrency and blockchain related events as well as creating brand awareness through podcast affiliations

Strategic Events

  • Select key offline events to support online PR and community growth

Community Management

Block72 provides professional services for crypto community management that cover the following key areas:

A. Community Assessment, Strategy and Set-up

  • Strategic planning on recruitment and deployment of WeChat & KakaoTalk community managers/admins, rostering and coverage by region

  • Set up KakaoTalk group and Coinmanager chat box to help users be in touch with the latest information of your projects. Actively stimulate organic conversations and build up buzz among active members

  • Suggest the best community growth hacking methods

  • Develop process for efficient questions response and issue resolution

B. Ongoing Community Management

  • All social media channels should drive traffic to Wechat, Weibo, KaKaoTalk and website

  • Milestone-based online community management

  • Stimulate organic conversations and build up buzz on WeChat private groups and also provides reliable and speedy conversation channels to help users be in touch with latest information of your project

  • Support with setting up automated bots to reduce community management workload

  • Plans for crisis management - advice and plans for how to keep community on track when community may get aggressive or very negative

Our KPI & Goals

Monthly token request: 300,000

  • Set up & integration & team: 40,000

  • Airdrop and Reward mechanics: 20,000

  • Maintaining all social channels: 60,000

  • Targeted advertising on PR and forums: 180,000

  • Commit 5,000 monthly users for Free TON across China & Korea.

KPI for China region

Category 30 Days 60 Days 90 Days
Blockchain Media Post 15 30 45
Top Tier Mainstream Media Post 8 16 24
CEO Interviews and Posting (Email/Phone) 2 4 6
Blockchain Forum Publication 15 30 45
Wechat Official Account Setup 1
Wechat Community Management 1
Baidu SEM/SEO Management (Largest Chinese search engine) 1
Baidu Q&A 30 60 120
Baidu Post Bar 30 60 90
Roadshows/Meetup 2

KPI for Korean region

Category 30 Days 60 Days 90 Days
Blockchain and non-blockchain media articles published 5 10 15
Blog articles published (e.g., Naver) 25 50 75
Blockchain Forum Publication 30 45 60
Kakao community management.
Target # of members 100 200 300
Regular communication of key announcements to the community Regular Communication
Project AMA 2 in 3 months
Project videos uploaded Up to 4
Industry business partner introductions If needed
Roadshows/Meetup 2
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Your site is not very informative.
Give additional links.

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For a proposal that boasts such high credentials, your site falls very short of any real metrics. I see nothing there that would entice me to spend 500 tokens, let alone what you are asking (not trying to be harsh, just tough).

Facts and stats that we can verify. Nothing else matters. Then we can talk.

Monthly token request: 300,000

Not bad for a company with a website created by someone on :slight_smile:

Seriously, are all these people kidding?? World-class PR firms charge $15k-$25k/month.

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Hello. I want to justify the requested amounts in more detail.

Gradually TON Token ranks first among the most popular cryptocurrencies. It will depend on the TON Managers to promote it well!

Maybe you should try it sometime. This interested me. I hope it’s worth it.

I really liked this company, it is the best in the investment market.