Belarus Free TON Shadow Government and Economy: Contest Proposal

Belarus suffers from a weak currency, high levels of corruption and bribery, and an unstable government structure which is currently verging on collapse due to mass protests all over the country calling for the stepdown of its President, who has been described as “Europe’s last dictator.” The Opposition in Belarus has now reached a critical juncture. They made noise, and their challenge now is to create a functioning shadow government, a task which until today remains unadorned.

To design a comprehensive structure by which an opposition shadow government and economy can operate in Belarus using Free TON.


09.09.2020 - 10.10.2020 at 20:00 GMT

Belarus has been known to have a large crypto community, and a large portion of its population is no stranger to the blockchain. The Free TON platform is uniquely predisposed to the undertaking proposed herein due to its capacity for dealing with large amounts of data; the flexibility of its monetary distribution; and, of course, its ideology of governance using direct meritocratic democracy.

General requirements

  • Must outline both political and economic proposals
  • Must be practical and creative
  • Due to the gravity of this endeavour, any technically possible application are accepted, even if they deviate from the official proposals for Free TON governance, although it is recommended not to stray too far off them

To create a structure for an opposition shadow government and economy that can:

  1. Be applicable immediately
  2. Is sensitive to nuance
  3. Encourage mass participation
  4. Work towards a transition into an economy in which the blockchain is a significant influence
  5. Include and expand on all the current operational structures in Free TON
  6. Establish a secure system
  7. Operate flexibly and efficiently
  8. Be comprehensive and take into account many variables
  9. Reuse Free TON Governance 2.0 set of smart contracts and interfaces as much as possible

Evaluation criteria

  • Most effective proposal
  • Security
  • Revolutionary potential
  • Inspires decentralized involvement
  • Long term thinking


  • Each of the initial Free TON voting members can nominate one (1) person to the jury.
  • Initial members whose team(s) intend to participate in the contest lose their right to nominate a jury member.
  • Jury selection and members will be public.
  • Each jury member will vote “Yes” or “No”.
  • Jury members will receive 5% of total price

Contest winners will receive

1st Prize…30,000 Tons

2nd Prize…25,000 Tons

3rd Prize…20,000 Tons

4th Place…15,000 Tons

5th Place…10,000 Tons

Places 5-10…5,000 Tons each

Places 10-20…1,000 Tons each

Note on the award
Seeing as this is something which could be of magnitude to the future of both Free TON and Belarus, the generous reward is put in place to encourage as much participation as possible.

Last note
Work towards building a hegemony for a revolutionary blockchain.

Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.ons to US citizens or US entities.


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not sure if this is a good idea

Would you mind elaborating? I fully understand the hesitation but I would like to note that this contest is only to create a hypothetical framework, it’s up to the actual opposition to decide wether it will be actively pursued in reality. By that point we will no longer be participants. There is actually little to no risk in actually just sharing ideas, there is much more risk in participating in protest, yet we all consider that admirable, I hope. :slight_smile:


I thing this is not a good idea. We must not deal with political conjuncture problems.
If you were to suggest creating a digital government for any groups, nations and communities. I would support you. But direct participation in local conflicts - it is unthinkable mistake in my opinion.