Among all Decentralized exchanges which is your favourite?

I would love to know the DEX that catches your attention whenever you think of trading on one. I would prefer Uniswap but it has a limited number of coins listed on the exchange.


Uniswap Is the best for me


Uniswap has been one of the incredible decentralized exchange with large liquidity providers and volume but trading fee has been my concern when I tried to swap on DEX, others include:
This are my order from satisfaction.

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Decentralized trading platforms do not keep digital currencies, which makes it safer in general, and I believe that the Uniswap platform is the best option currently, as it is already seeing more use than many famous central cryptocurrency trading platforms.

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I also select uniswap and i can also recommend it to friends because is the best among all decentralized Exchangers of which I know and can discuss/recommend on it…:wink:

Also I m like who consider Uniswap as a favorite decentralized exchange, maybe because it is an unique service right now who is the most popular! But the important of decentralized trading platform, solve many things about the problems of centralized counterparts, also avoid the risk to be hacked, and of course the arbitrary fees.

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No doubt Uniswap is the best. Last time I managed to claim 800 UNI tokens. I think they rewarded their loyal users with an incredible amounts :heart_eyes: After Uniswap, Curve Finance is my best platform. I am testing reliability of other platforms too.

You were lucky, fam. I wasn’t so lucky to receive the free UNI. I would have gotten it actually the gas price chased me away from trading on the exchange. Uniswap is a great exchange platform to be honest.

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I have to go with uniswap on this. That’s not really even a competition. It’s easy, it’s innovative and has gained so much attraction. Even the volume competes with the biggest exchanges. And that’s not fake volume.

Nobody mentioned or its community fork which have the lowest spreads, slippage and fees in the industry.
Not to mention, I’ve always been using aggregators like 1inch to get the best price across all known dexes

I don’t know them myself maybe they are not quiet popular hence someone else might have mentioned either of them beforehand but it is all good, you have just brought it to our knowledge. I would check them whenever I have something to trade on DEX, thank you.