Airdrop suggestion: activity reward

my idea is to reward users for they activity. most actions (if not every, correct me) inside ton network can be tracked and relates to specific account (telegram login or something else). our goal is to define which activities has more positive impact and pay for it
validators will have their coins for creating and supporting validation nodes
-let’s also give coins for those who writes documentation, compiles binaries, creates video guides etc
-maybe we can create some sort of technical support and pay one users for helping the other ones. in example if you have Technical Support Rank and replies in Technical Support Thread and if common users rates your post positive it means you will get some compensation
-also maybe there is a way to utilize common users computing power. i was very disappointed by relatively high system requirements for a node. i’d like to offer my
modest computing power to TON and maybe get reward


Good luck in developing an automated abuse-protected system which will detect and reward video guides. At least on Youtube.
Or let’s just make another Let’s dream of some more utopia projects. I think you can start to making them now.

It’s better to leave just “maybe we pay users”.

Yeah! Let’s turn the fTON into a POW system!

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Yes, I agree, airdrop to users who login to their accounts on a regular basis. They just have to login, that’s all, the A.I. can check for multiple cheat accounts. Bonus airdrops can then be awarded to those that provide input to the project, but at the same time try avoid users that just talk waffle for sake of waffle as they try to earn bonuses for wasting reading time😉
Let’s start by giving me the first 1million coin drop, I always told mom I would be a millionaire one day, just didn’t tell her what currency it would be in🤣

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Accounts where? In the Facebook?

The forum stats are easy to follow with this link:

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Any update? Status?

You need to describe your idea better: criteria, why community needed, etc. The goal and how to achieve it are very unclear.

Я так понимаю, что то вроде гранта на базе смарт контракта, когда человек планирует или уже имеет какую то отличную идею или у него уже есть проект по созданию интересного ПО для продвижения и развитие сети (масадопшен), ему интересно за это получить награду в виде кристаллов, но любая работа требует определенных затрат, и тут человек не уверен стоил ли ему браться за дело за спасибо.
Думаю тема интересная, можно её развивать.

Мысль не упакована. Автору надо ее доделать, для того, чтобы вынести на голосование

Согласен, нужно проработать, я бы по другому сформулировал

A reward system can be created for users of the free ton forum. Comments, likes and activities made in this forum can be calculated and rewarded by the system. This way, more users come to the forum and learn about the free ton.

As simple as it sound this can bring many into freeton. But freeton need qualities not quantities.

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Such a reward system will attract a huge number of new users to the forum, but the forum can easily turn into a trash heap with a huge number of useless posts and new topics. I do not support this idea.