Airdrop Proposal: Early Birds Rewards

Бесплатная тонна - это заговор гугла

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I think the author should rethink the concept based on the feedback received))


Of the 6791 signatories to the DoD, only 106 people took part in the competitions, i.e. 1.5% (135 entries). At the moment we have a very narrow neck in the bottle and I propose to fix this. We have a number of participants who can contribute to the development of the network, but for this they need the coordination of every step and there is no freedom, although the overwhelming part of the entire Free TON community consists of these people. That is why I propose this program.

I took the general development of the community and the network and put together a spreadsheet with members from different sectors.

DoD signers 6791
Free TON.Community Group 3800
Free TON Forum 946
Secret Surf Group 422

Having tokens all those people can bring value to the network and creating socio-economic activity. Freely and independently. As they are early adopters.

For example, early adopters in Bitcoin could very easily get tokens and no one told them what and how to do. And many of them became millionaires and multimillionaires. And until now, Bitcoin is the number 1 network in the world.

About the size of the reward fo each participant. What kind of activity can be created for example for 50 tokens? That is why I offered this kind of sum.

This can be the largest activity since the launch of the network.

So, all we need to do (if jury will vote for this contest) - is to prepare and run the google form (1 day), collect the data-set (10 days) + match the data-set with the lists of groups and forum users and DoD signers (3 days).

I can do all of this and take all responsibility for the results.


DoD signers 6791 x 100 = 679100
Free TON.Community Group 3800 x 300 = 1140000
Free TON Forum 946 x 300 = 283800
Secret Surf Group 422 x 300 = 126600

TOTAL: 2 229 500 TON Crystals (in order that we will get 100% of early birds applications).


it’s cool, I support it :+1:

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Вы членов форума пропустили.

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вот же они :slight_smile:

Самое интересное, что на момент подачи предложения их было 800+. А теперь 946 ))))

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Thanks! :wink:

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

By registration period for groups, registration date on forum, DoD date. As I mentioned in proposal. All participants that was before 27.07.3020.


Гуглу точно не достанется ничего ))))

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Опубликовал пояснение, чтобы была более ясна суть предложения.

Hey. You can check the update.

Hello. I put detailed explanation of the idea for better understanding.

Hey. Please, check the update.

Каждый токен должен быть добыт кровью и потом! Слишком просто


Придерживаюсь того же мнения)

Судите с точки зрения разработчика? может быть тогда не стоит делать аирдроп?

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С точки зрения здравого смысла. Аирдроп - это аирдроп.
Имея такую идею, можно было бы заранее сделать 100 аккаунтов и легко получить 100 000 токенов.

It will be good to add minimum number of messages in telegram groups

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это все легко проверить, в большинстве групп сидит не больше 200 человек, указанные определенные сроки


Otseit validators on airdrome,1000 is not enough free need 2000 ton,give not for 60,000 empty messages on topic,and for the signature dekloratsii and subscription in groups.

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