Airdrop mechanics contest: SNIF, an influencer marketing model


In recent years, influencer marketing has attracted a lot of attention. because of these benefits:

  • use of PR (public relations) approach instead of advertising approach
  • cheaper
  • quickly builds trust
  • enrichment in contents
  • effectively reaches target audience in different languages and countries.

In this proposal a special influencer marketing model is defined for FreeTON blockchain airdrop program to solve FreeTON challenges ahead such as spamming, trust building, governance by SMV or another voting system.

Advantages of SNIF model

  • payment in exchange for the desired results instead of the process.
  • having flexibility to adapt to turbulent environments such as TON price changes and so on.
  • having a better control over the content that will publish on social networks in order to improve the quality of content and implement public relations policies in comparison to usual social media marketing airdrop plans.
  • preserving the value of the TON Crystals, in comparison to most of airdrops programs.
  • easily and quickly is compatible with almost any social network.
  • using the power of influencers as the best public relations tool, for rebuilding trust for TON technology after many scam projects with similar names and the Telegram-SEC tragedy.

:point_down: please read the full document in the links below :point_down: and feel free to leave comments :blush:

FULL DOCUMENT google docs




Very powerful, действительно готовый продукт в сфере маркетинга.

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thanks @ARTEM , actually, it took more than 1 week to write this proposal. it is an abstract of my 10 years experience in the e-marketing field.

for the sake of FreeTON :blue_heart: :blush: :blue_heart:

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