Airdrop Mechanics Contest Proposal: Create some sort of self-governing captcha service in TON network itself

Airdrop Mechanics Contest Proposal: Create some sort of self-governing captcha service in TON network itself

Create a smartcontract that will:

  1. collect all users who signed DOD and are in Free Ton.Community and TON CRYSTAL NEWS. (if it’s possible)
  2. register new users.
  3. save all captchas created by users.
  4. distribute Tons among users who completes captcha validation sessions.

Captcha - two series of small images - one is right and another is wrong. The right one is one that represents a short meaningfull story.
Short captcha validation session - a short session (2-5 mins) which starts in *exactly same time for ALL users, so no one person can complete this session twice simultenosly.
Long captcha validation session - a long session (10-20 mins) which starts immediately after a short validation session. During this long session users are checking each others captchas.
Captcha submission - each user must submit some number of created by him captchas to the smartcontract to be able to continue to get tons in next validation sessions.



Firstly new user must sign DOD, register in telegram groups and install freeTON wallet and connect to the network and get wallet address.
After this new user must get invite from some user that already registered in this smartcontract by giving him their telegram ID and freeTON wallet address.
The user who gived an invite must call smartcontract method with telegram id and wallet address of a new user.
Smartcontract checks that this telegram id is not already registered and that telegram user id are in needed telegram groups and that there is a signature of DOD linked with user telegram ID.
If this is true then smartcontract initiates new user wallet ID with some VERY small amount sufficient to do short and long validation session and to do submission of new captchas created by this user so user will not benefit much from only registering in the airdrop smartcontract.

Validation sessions:
After registration the new user must proove that he is not a bot.
To do this he must complete the short and the long session. Say that if user solves more than 80% of captchas then he is a human. These sessions MUST start at same time for all users (1 in a hour, in a day in a week, etc…) so one user will be physically able to complete only one validation. After completing validation sessions user gets some amount of tons.
To continue to receive airdrop’s tons user must create new captchas that will be verified by other users in next long validation session.
These captchas are stored inside smart contract and will be verified in the next long session by all registered users.
Captchas will be accepted as good captchas if the majority of users in the long session selects right answer.
Users whos captchas are not selected by a majority will get a some sort of penalty.

Each user that passed validation sessions is able to invite other users.
For each invite user also will receive some amount of tons.
User can register only one new user after each validation session. So if he didn’t register someone in this validation epoch, then this invitaion is burnt, so no one will be able to collect invitations.

So in simple to receive tons a user must:
sign DOD and join to TG groups -> install wallet -> get invite from existing user -> solve captchas -> create new good captchas -> invite someone
but all of these are controlled through a smartcontract and captchas are checked by users themselves and one user can physically complete only one validation.

Benefits of such airdrop mechanics:

  1. To do a bot farm in this system you must hire real people for a long time to get something. With proper tuned amount of tons (with math models, etc) gived by every validation session you can control profitability of such bot farms and make them non profitable at all.
  2. No bots - users must create their own captchas which are then verified by allready registered users.
  3. Users are anonymous.
  4. Network effect (for each invite that user gives he receives some amount of ton).
  5. This campaign may exist very long time to smoothly get new users.
  6. Network will be utilized. With the growing number of users there will be more and more transactions for validation sessions, submitting captchas, etc. in the freeTON network itself, and these numbers maybe used for promoting the network.
  7. Strong involvement of users into the process - creating captchas, solving them on the blockchain, inviting new members.
  8. Integrating this airdrop captcha system as a service into other projects to proof by your public key that you are a human.

I am not sure that so heavy structure should be implemented in the blockchain, even if this blockchain is the fastest one ever. There are a lot of variants of doing it in another way.