Airdrop Contest: (SOFT) Identity Validation

SOFT Identity Verification.

Soft Identity Verification distribution

By having the candidates for Free TON.airdrop upload a photo of them holding a sheet of paper with their name, date, time, and a special word or 4 digit code (or both) sent to them by us. Once their submissions is verified, they will than be accepted into the airdrop location.

Everyone within that airdrop channel or site would be considered verified as a real account.

The SOFT identity verification allows us to verify the accounts are not bots. The SOFT verification would also ensure no sensitive personal Identification is being held to allow illegitimate use of any person(s) identity.


anonymity is one of the most features and motivations for decentralization.

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А как же защита персональных данных? В чьих руках будет эта база информации? Где гарантии, что она не сольется в сеть? Может еще будем биометрические данные собирать…

actually I think airdrop should be based on reputation. the problem with this kind of verification in freeTON does not make sense since we would like to have a privacy.