Airdrop contest: Real life personID and tiketID exchange

Hello. My proposal is using real life face-to-face communication. In fact, problem of fair and anonymous TON airdrop is the same problem as confirmation for yourself that Your vote was rightly calculated on State voting.

How I suggest make a State voting - Give everyone unical code = ticketID. And in this case goverment will confirm the citizen’s person. This tiketID must be printed and protected like a banknote. Then people exchange their tiketID 1-to-1 each other who they know for some time. In voting time people remember their tiketID and they vote by their current tikets. After voting goverment publish the table=(tiketID,vote). So people can check that their vote was calculated correctly. And each will check result of common voting by this table with anonymity of tiketID.

Now we need to replace goverment printed and protected as a banknote tikets to something. It will be autogenerated tiketID and personID on FreeTon website.
And we need to replace goverment confirmation the citizen’s person to other people confirmation - friends, family any who know You.
You will get personID from FreeTON website and You need give Your personID to Your friends and ask they to confirm that You are real person on FreeTON website. To confirm You, they need also get they personID and ticketID and submit two personIDs to FreeTON website - own and Yours. It will be good if your personID will confirm as many friends as possible.

Also You need to exchange Your ticketID with who NOT in group of Your friends but You need to garantee that this is a real person, not a bot. You can exchange received ticketID with other people as many times as possibe. You can exchange received from non-friend ticketID with Your friends who also exchanged his ticketID with non-friend.
When You do an exchange, You need to do this operation on FreeTON website - You need submit pair of Yours ONLY personID’s. And You need exchange by ticketID’s. From this moment Your tiketID is that You got from other person. No exchanges must be done frequent than 1 per day.

In some FreeTON-predefined time You need to utilize Your current ticketID. You need to submit Your personID and current ticketID on FreeTON website.

All submissions (registrations, exchanges, utilizations) will be logged on FreeTON website in database. All records without initiol registration will be in public database. Everyone will can download this database and analyze it.

AFTER utilization ending, everyone MUST find date, time, personID of Your exchnges and CONFIRM it on FreeTON website. Only exchanges will be accepted which will be confirmed both parts of exchange. You need to call to Your partner to remember to confirm Yours exchange. This done to separate moment of exchange from moment of confirmation.

So will be calculated so called local groups of personalIDs for friends who confirmed each other. Closed (incapsulated) local groups will be rejected.

Crystal will receive only who

  1. utilized his current ticketID
  2. his personID was confirmed more than 5 times by other people
  3. all exchanges for this personID was confirmed by exchange partners
  4. current tiketID equal calculated by exchanges by FreeTON
  5. Only local groups who has more then 90% confirmations from non-local group will be accepted. This means that each who in local group must be confirmed by anyone who not confirmed his friends. This done to protect from bots
  6. No transactions faster then 1 per day

Example of logs
p1t1 logged
p2p2 logged
p1p2 exchange
p1t2 logged
p2t1 logged
p3t3 logged
p1p3 exchange
p1t3 logged
p3t2 logged

So pXtY pair always can be calculated by FreeTON. Any confirmation and exchange is a greatest promotion and popularization of FreeTON.


Слишком, сложно.А если ты сирота.Надо что-то по проще.

Yes, You need have a any social contacts, probably virtual over internet. I think not so complex for goal as a protection from bots.

Ватсап и Вибер .Подойдёт,а лучше ещё с деяток мессенджров.