African community creation

Hello all, here is the creation of an African Telegram Community. The African region has a lot to onboard into TON. This is the first step and a call to all African Free Ton supporters/devs/ validators to come join up the force


good job. but, Africa has many countries, why not let watch country make its own group?!

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Thank you for the observations. The aim is to first get Africa together and subsequently start to subdivide into countries. A good number of smaller African countries wouldn’t have much numbers in their group to keep it going and hence the need for a regional movement first.

Отлично,дерзайте.Но обязательно создавайте цели под которые можно будет реализовывать проекты,в результат.Акции наградой Фри тон

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Thank you… Of course project implementations remains the focal point to every community


Good first step bro,
The more members who join FreeTon the faster it will be recognized by many people.

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Thanks @Young_Tyc for this community. As far as blockchain development and expansion is concerned. Africa is till waxing strong in its adoption. We will continue lending hands in growing TON in our individual countries of origin. The goal is to get more users who are interested in TON.

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Lol. I was just about saying this but… I don’t think that’s best. We rather have an African group because we do not have so much people from different countries. Imagine if there’s just one person from Zambia, he/she can’t go create a new group. Hence we should just have the one group (for now tho).

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It doesn’t mean those countries with larger people in TON shouldn’t be having their respective groups, Africa is too big to be merged actually. With development and expansion the growth can get to everyone someday.

Too big to merge? I wouldn’t agree with that. How many people from Africa do you think we have on the Free Ton platform? We aren’t much in number. We can just be merged (for now) until the number of people from Africa increases greatly.


Africa is a continent not a country and we are talking of merging.

Many countries are not represented here yet. It will be good if it will be Africa sub government first once we have enough countries we can start talking of country subgovernance.