Advertising campaign based on charity to covid fighters (physicians)


The idea of the TON project as something pure and crystal can be proved by charity to those, who really need community support and gratitude, bluntly speaking to physicians and members working with COVID-19. This support probably won’t be substantial financially, but as an ideological gesture will cause significant subsequences, like bringing in articles and news topics: TON (BLOCKCHAIN PROJECT) GIVES AWAY FOR FREE TO MEDICAL WORKERS.


The motivation is to increase the popularuty of this project with the noble gesture. Besides, it will set the wave of newcomers afterwards, due to the demostration that TON is not only for IT-specialists or crypto-speculants, but for all. The phylosophy of this action is next: We (TON developers and enthusiasts) want see physicians in the future prosperous, so our community with great gratitude shows the admiration to your occupation and gives away some valuable resource, which you can use as a money now or as a deposit cell for future application.

Type of reward:

One-time reward from 1000 TONs for each participant (the precise amount will be chosen by our community)

! The giveaway will last for three up to five months.

Criteria for nomination

  • The member should prove the fact working as a covid-fighter in doing next:
  • to attach your photo amid the workplace
  • wearing special equipment (surgical masks, non-surgical masks, gloves, goggles, face shields, gowns, scrubs and N95 masks)
  • with your wallet adress written on the list
  • the face should be partly recognizable (for example by eyes in the glasses)

An example of the photo:


None of the aforementioned individuals are US citizens or part of US entities.


It’s a great idea to integrate FreeTON into charity. However, turning FreeTON itself into a charitable organization is not the right approach, IMHO.

From the point of view of humanism, everything is fine with the idea to reward that heroes and big thanks to the doctors, but…

You do not see the depth and the subsequences of this action. It is not about charity… For TON it’s about creation an image and reputation like as once before P. Durov has created for telegram!

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I see the consequences and big potential for fakes.


The rules could be modified by community to prevent that.

Who will take part in this competition? None of them per se are currently sitting on this forum - they are all fighting with covid.
If we distribute TONs to people who do not know anything about it, what will it cause, except that these tokens will simply float away into nirvana?
And finally - it is enough to play the role of a benefactor once and all the weak and disadvantaged will line up for tokens here.

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This campaign could be launched after certain advertising in social environment (f.e. the post on reddit. Crypto Help for physicians by TON). It’s just a proposal, a draft. The idea can be elaborated and the result will be positive :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Of course. We elaborate right now :slight_smile:

So against fakers and fraudsters, what solution do you see? Is it possible to attach some documents proving your identity only for distributors of tokens?

I have spoken with medical people a lot from the start of covid. Those who are fighting it have no time and energy to the contests, sad but true.

That’s a giveaway, not a contest

Everyone will be against such documents. Everything should be aimed at anonymity :sunglasses: