Add New Forum Category: Open Contests (vs. Proposals)

It is difficult for me to differentiate which forum topics are contests that are “official” or “running” versus the the topics that are just ideas/proposals for new contests.

I propose that we add a new forum category, like “Running Contests” so that it is easy to see which contests have been officially launched and active with a due date etc.

Alternatively, we could format the title of official/launched contests differently, so they are easy to differentiate. For example:

I have an idea for a new contest


Validator Contest: The Crystal Game - Magister Ludi

I think this would increase contest participation and also reduce the number of late entries.


Agree, I think we could add categorise for it.


Hi, Roman! It would be great! Because I have the same moment. Also I would like to ask about Airdrop Mechanics 1 proposals published for voting here:

When will be the finish of voting?
Is it possible to see the voting history and number of voices for each proposal?

Thank you!


yes, exactly, and it will become more messy when the community grows, I considered this point in my proposal for idea management system.


This option will be available in new governance interface.