A different type of airdrops suggestion

I want to suggest a slightly different model than the usual airdrop
SellDrop or something - selling tokens but for 99.9% discount or something similar
This way users are not getting free money, which in my experiance is usually converted to a harder asset but rather done less opportunistic and more by users who actually want the asset.
Another up side is that users will all be KYC verified during the purchase process, and limited with monthly puchase amounts.

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Will it turn into ordinary token sale? Also how this company can guarantee fair distribution?

it is a regular sale rather than a regular airdrop
re fair distribution, we can limit each user buying up to X amount
after a very short time, if done properly, there’ll be enough hype for it to get listed, and then the market decides the price

Ужасный машинный перевод двойной !! ссылка на мое предложение! ! капли тон |426x500

To attract new * UNIQUE* users to Free TON and filter out robot multiaccounts collecting drops, we must:

      • cross-surety offline** - which means: three (or more in the following stages) people already familiar with offline create their own group in Telegram + add a special bot to it.
        2* * one person -one account* * limited to the physical ability of a person to be offline in only one place and perform only one task .
        3 * * proof of Human** is proved by the fact that all three participants at a certain time gather in one place, to one apartment, in the kitchen and jointly perform the task-captcha.
        4 * * one moment for everyone on the planet** - at one pre-announced moment in time , those who want to get drops must gather in threes offline, for example at the kitchen table and in 10 seconds have time to complete a simple control task and send confirmation of its completion(text or photo or audio file, depending on the task) to their created group for verification by a special bot.
        5 * * gamification** at later stages, tasks become more complex and become more complex, turning into a kind of quest, the unpredictability of tasks should be impossible for AI and bots to solve them, interesting tasks that you want to share with others, perhaps some will become memes, viral 10sec videos of their solutions
        6 inability for bots and solutions using AI . I expect to develop more than 10 stages of the quest increasing the unpredictability of the task and at the same time easy for people to resolve them within 10 seconds.
        7 geometric periodicity. for example dates 06,06,2020; 13,06,2020; 18,07,2020; 01,08,2020 ; 12,09,2020 ; 19,092020 - in the evening from Saturday to Sunday at 23 00 GMT.

Approximate example of completing the task for the first round(the result of completing three simultaneous photos of a shared installation in a telegram group):
gather the three of you at the kitchen table at 23 00. next “find the scissors in 10 seconds” next
“find a plate and put it on the table” next “open the scissors with the letter X and put it on the plate” next “in 10 seconds, take each photo” after 10 seconds, the bot closes the chat or makes a message in it and the photos that come after this are not accepted.
who managed to get the prizes. And those who had a plate with a blue border receive a double bonus !! To do this, write the word “double” in the chat , but keep in mind that if the prize is clearly deceived, it is reset to zero

Для привлечения новых УНИКАЛЬНЫХ пользователей в Free TON и отсеивания робот-мультиаккаунтов собирающих капли необходимо:

  1. перекрестное поручительство в офлайне - что означает : три(или более на последущих этапах) человека уже знакомых в офлайне создают свою группу в Телеграмм + добавляют туда специальный бота.
    2один человек -один аккаунт ограничивается физическими возможностями человека находиться офлайн только в одном месте и выполнять только одно задание .
    3proof of Human доказывается тем что все три участника в определенное время собираются в одном месте , к одной квартире, на кухне и совместно выполняют задание-капчу.
    4 один момент для всех на планете - в один, заранее обьявленный момент времени , желающие получить капли должны собраться по тройкам в офлайне , например за столом на кухне и за 10 секунд успеть выполнить простое контрольное задание и отправить подтверждение его выполнения(текст или фото или аудио файл в зависимости от задания) в свою созданную группу для проверки специальным ботом.
    5 геймингфикация на более поздних этапах задания усложняются и становятся более сложные, превращаясь в некий квест, непредсказуемость заданий должна быть непосильна для решения их ИИ и ботами, интересные задания о решении которых захочется поделиться с другими , возможно некоторые станут мемами, вирусные 10сек видео их решения
    6 непосильность для ботов и решения с помощью ИИ . Я предполагаю разработать более 10 этапов квеста повышаюшейся непредсказуемости задания и в то же время простых для их разрешения людьми в течении 10 секунд.
    7 геометрическая периодичность. например даты проведения 06,06,2020; 13,06,2020; 18,07,2020; 01,08,2020 ; 12,09,2020 ; 19,092020 - вечером с субботы на воскресение в 23 00 по гринвичу.

Ориентировочный пример выполнения задания на первый тур(результат выполнения три одновременных фотографии общей инсталляции в телеграм группе) :
соберитесь втроем на за столом кухне в 23 00. далее “найдите ножницы за 10 секунд” далее
“найдите тарелку и поставьте ее на стол” далее " раскройте ножницы буквой Х и положите на тарелку" далее “за 10 секунд сделайте каждый фото” через 10 секунд бот закрывает чат или делает в нем сообщение и пришедшие после этого фото не принимаются.
кто успел тот получает призы. А у кого тарелка была с голубой каемочкой получают бонус вдвойне !! Для этого напиши в чат слово “вдвойне” , но учтите при явном обмане приз обнуляется

What you described is too complicated for ordinary users. It is necessary to make it as easy and convenient as possible. How are you going to attract a billion users if they need to go through such complex procedures?

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Dear ТИРИОН, this section is not about attracting but about distributing free tokens, namely how to distribute tokens approximately equally between people , despite the fact that some have 100-1000 accounts to get more drops.

And what do you think is difficult ? meet three relatives or three friends at 23.00 and take three photos of scissors to get 10BTC (or 10 FTON which is even more expensive))

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hence my proposal of selling at huge discount and not airdrop
this solves the uniqueness, and the regulatory aspects of AML, along side limiting amount per user

Most people in various countries of the globe are isolated in their flats today because of the pandemic. So for them it would be difficult to “cooperate in the kitchen” and solve your tasks.

a sale with a huge discount ( as you suggest) first will not ensure a uniform sprinkling of coins among people( speculators will buy more) , and second will violate the ananomnost of buyers

within two or three years, you will need to meet no more than 10 times “in the kitchen” with two more people who want to get 1…0…0 FON (or something that is not cheaper than 10BTC)) each time. Do you really think that because of the pandemic this is impossible ?

you can limit the mount being sold per KYC, and anonnimity of users isn’t a core feature, just like it isn’t in BTC

I hope that KYC in FreeTON is implemented only with information about the public key of the client’s wallet and no more . User anonymity and decentralization is a fundamental underlying function. - (but this is my own opinion)

in my opinion full anonnimity is not. we’ve seen where monero and other fully anonimized coins go

they are visible because not all anonymity tools have been used and not all have yet been invented

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