1 man 1 token (Airdrop Mechanics)

Distribution of tokens occurs with help ot telegram bot, where person signs the declaration of decentralisation and follows telegram channels (it is also checked by bot, which logs all of recent operations made in the channel).

Verification occurs in the following style: bot sends a captcha, for example “2,7,9” and user has to send a video message where he pronounces captcha “two, seven, nine” during a minute. After verification of captcha (with help of neuronet) bot looks through base of users, who got tokens, and checks if this telegram id and face in the base. If there are no coincidences, tokens are given.

After distribution of tokens a user gets the information about his opportunities of immediate using a net: links to articles, resources. It was made to facilitate the first using of FreeTON and help users to start. Also user gets his referral link, so he can get 1/10 part of amount from distribution of tokens, If he invites another users with his link.

I agree that it is not the easiest way to realize, and it needs a lot of resources, but strong protection always needs a lot of resources. Verification with help of photos with inscriptions on sheet can use Photoshop and bases with photos like these, it’s easy to buy them on the internet. The same way is for verification with help of passports. One person can buy a base of documents and make the data verification request a lot of times.

If distribution of tokens is constant, it will be needed to provide a way of tokens’ distribution freezing with help of users’ vote to stop the distribution this way after appearing of the wrong way of making the data verification request.


i am use telegram on pc (do not laugh). And i can’t recording video.

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Not everyone uses telegram, but there is a subscription to telegram channels in the conditions. It’s time to start :wink:

Use idena and “fairdrop”. Search about it.

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Very good idea with verification. It is very similar to passing the KYC on a shapeshift.